My sweet Mother

I caught a bit of a hint that she’d be coming into town for my birthday last weekend. Then when Rachel said we’d need to clean out the spare room, it was pretty obvious. She arrived late Tuesday night with Aunt Kris. They had flown from Seattle to Boise, rented a car then drove the 6 hours here. Aunt Kris’ daughter, Sherry, works for Alaska Airlines and was able to get them good, cheap tickets. Unfortunately, Alaska doesn’t fly into Salt Lake. Aunt Kris left the next morning and ended up having to just stay in a motel as her brother, David wasn’t at home at all. She flew out yesterday, from Boise.

With Mom at the house, we arranged with daycare to drop Wyatt off at home after kindergarten. This has been a great thing. Wyatt loves his Grandma Marini! They’ve been hanging out. Mom’s been busy doing projects, both big and small, around the house. She cleared out our planter area in the front of our house, trimmed the rosebushes and is looking to plant some more flowers. She also fixed our back screen door that’s been all jacked up since we put it in when we moved in. It’s been really good having her around. I feel a little ashamed that some of this stuff we could have done, but never had the motivation to do it.

We are definitely happy to have her here! It’s been wonderful having her. I’m grateful that she is healthy and well enough to make things like this happen. I love my Mother. She is wonderful. She’s been though a lot and while she’s become more eccentric, she is still my Mother and is just wonderful! Thank you for coming, Mom!



Author: Timmy

Radio broadcaster and IT Pro. Livin' and Lovin'! Married to my beautiful wife and have one son.

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