McChicken, Science, 35 MPG & More

Thanks to my sweet Mother being in town and needing a ride to the Boise Airport, we were able to have a roadtrip to Idaho! We had a wonderful time. The weather was great, traffic was light and everything just went smoothly. We left home Saturday morning around 8am. We stopped in Twin Falls to get lunch, at McDonalds. In Utah, as you might know, McDonalds does not sell the $1 McChicken.


Instead, they sell some horrible Hot N’ Spicy Chicken. It’s always a treat to go out of state and enjoy one of our favorite fast foods. They were as good as remembered! We continued on the road and arrived in Boise around 2:30. Pretty good time, considering the stops and some light road construction. One of my former co-workers who moved up to Boise recently, recommended The Discovery Center of Idaho. It was very cool! Wyatt had a blast. I had a good time. My favorite was the bridge-builder computer program they had. It’s great because it’s totally hands-on, kids can get totally wrapped up into things. Wyatt still found a way to get into trouble. As well as playing tour guide to “help” other folks know how to work the different exhibits. I took Mom to the airport to see her off. Later, we met Rachel’s friends at On The Border (another favorite of ours that isn’t in Utah) for dinner. They let us sack out in their spare room.

We slept good, hung out for a few hours to visit before they had to go to Church. We packed up, and left town around 12:30. We filled up there the day before. I refilled in Salt Lake City and calculated just shy of 35 MPG! I love my little Civic! That was running the AC the entire trip too. We ate some dinner and headed home for the night. It always is rewarding to settle into our own home on our own bed.

Tons of thanks for everything to my Mom, and Amy and Mark. You all were great and made our trip possible and very enjoyable.



4 Replies to “McChicken, Science, 35 MPG & More”

  1. I am a huge fan of the McChicken as well, not so much for the hot ‘n spicy. I thrive off of the dollar menu anytime we go out to grab something quick!

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