The economy and eternity. Just look closer.

I would like to share some really basic thoughts and feelings with you. I need to preface this by saying I am not politically or economically minded (you can ask Rachel about that!). I don’t know how it all works. I don’t want this post to come off as preachy or as being holier than thou. I want to share what brings me peace in this crazy world.

Those of us who are Christians and believe that there is an eternity and that there will be a Second Coming of Jesus Christ, to us here on Earth, know that our Father in Heaven love us. He is merciful and though we, as a society, might be falling away spiritually, his love and mercy just extends that much further to reach us. With the current state of our Nation’s economy, the bailouts, the major failures, the political upheaval we see, we cannot forget that while things will continue to get more and more difficult, this will not be the end. Subjects that come up like overpopulation, global warming, financial collapse, the threat of losing our freedoms, can be a cause for distress and fear. Though we need to be aware and extra careful with our families and loved ones during these times, our fears can be calmed by knowing God will not let political and media charged fear mongering on these subjects bring an end to our world.

As society crumbles around us and the general population of the world appears to be getting less and less good, look closely. There is always a balance. As darkness and evil increase, brightness and good also is increasing. The problem is our media doesn’t focus on good things. Good, righteous and happy news does not sell advertising. Unfortunately, that in itself is a sign of what direction people are heading. We have to open our eyes – our spiritual eyes – to see the good in the world. Horrible things happen, hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes, and wars. Look closely at each of those events and you can see the good. Relief being shipped in by the truckload, folks donating blood by the gallon, churches and other organizations rebuilding and cleaning. You just have to look closer. It’s really there and is incredible.

I feel the love and concern our Father in Heaven and his Son, Jesus Christ have for us. I feel it stronger in these past months and years when all of these horrible events and disasters seem to be crushing down. Don’t ever forget that He loves us and will protect us. He will comfort us. He will heal us. He will bring peace to you in a world full of noise and corruption. He is just and those who have made poor decisions will be held accountable. Yes, some may have seemingly received a great reward for crooked dealings (read: golden parachutes). But God knows their hearts.

The bottom line: Our Heavenly Father will not let our world get over-populated, or over-heated, or the one country on Earth that he was directly involved in creating, the United States of America, fall to poor business dealings. He loves us too much to let our own silly mistakes bring us to some random extinction. He has too much mercy to punish the world for the mistakes of just a few. Trust in Him. Believe in Him. And if you’re feeling distanced, speak to Him. He is there and will listen to you. He will speak to you. He loves you. Not everyone else reading this crummy little blog, just you.


Author: Timmy

Radio broadcaster and IT Pro. Livin' and Lovin'! Married to my beautiful wife and have one son.

3 thoughts on “The economy and eternity. Just look closer.”

  1. That was a thoughtful post; well stated, Tim. I agree, our faith must be concentrated on someone much bigger than all the problems going on around us today. This is where we can find comfort and solace. God will never allow his people be put through more than they can handle.

  2. Your central point – trusting in Christ rather than in earthly governments is well taken, but then you say:
    [God will not allow] the one country on Earth that he was directly involved in creating, the United States of America, fall to poor business dealings.

    That blows your whole point. It’s one thing to say that the US was founded on Judeo-Christian principles, but quite another to say that it’s “God’s country” and that He created it specially. We as Americans (and particularly as American Christians) need to get over ourselves. We are no more special than the Roman Empire or France or Botswana in God’s economy – and that’s the only economy that matters. Yes, we were blessed throughout our history, and at times is easy to see God’s hand on our nation, but the United States is a geopolitical entity, and not a Christian entity.

    We are collectively and individually special because of who we are in Christ, not because of the the political borders we were lucky enough to be born within. Make sense?

  3. Steve, I appreciate your insight on this post. I agree with you. I feel very strongly that God has directly influenced the creation of our Country. He groomed those forefathers for that purpose. You’re right, I should not just assume God had nothing to do with the creation of other Countries. But I will not deny that it was with His strong influence that this great Country was established.

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