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I own a website at I don’t know if you are all aware. I have been very neglectful in maintaining it. I have really shifted focus to this and other blogs. I also keep up on Twitter and Facebook and even a small amount of time on MySpace. I love my old webpage and it offers freedoms that these others lack. I can have advertising and javascript apps that WordPress rules out.

At this point, I am facing some decisions as to what the future of my webpage should be. I feel like I can communicate better through blogging. I feel like more of you can be exposed to my life and thoughts in a more narrative fashion. Blogging is very easy and powerful. I’ve seen it cause a great deal of change. It’s stirred up plenty of heated debate and discussion that otherwise wouldn’t be possible on a normal webpage.

I keep renewing my domain each year and don’t plan to let it expire. I am grateful for David’s server space and support. I would like to learn more about HTML, XML, PHP and such things.

My purpose in writing this is to just have you all go take a peak, see what there is to see and come back and comment here. What are some good ideas that I can work on. It’s an open canvas. Thanks in advance for your help.



Author: Timmy

Radio broadcaster and IT Pro. Livin' and Lovin'! Married to my beautiful wife and have one son.

3 thoughts on “My Website”

  1. Web sites these days take two forms, mostly static (i.e. you want to look up information about the local museum, the information mainly stays the same, with periodic updates to certain elements) and completely dynamic, constantly changing applications (like GMail, nothing is static it all).

    Blogs are somewhere in between. As the name indicates, they are a log. The most recent information can be added at any interval, but you can always go back to see what was in the past. You get the change, but also the staticness of the past, the past doesn’t change.

    In my opinion, this is what makes blogging the perfect description of people. There’s always something new, but what’s happened in the past is still a big part of who they are.

    I can’t comment on Twitter because I’ve never used it, but I steer away from sites like FaceBook and MySpace for two reasons. Firstly, they are by their very nature fad-based (how many people over the age of 13 do you know that still use MySpace on a regular basis). Secondly, the are both closed environments. They encourage their users to log into the service and stay there. Consequently, if you’re on FaceBook all you ever interact with is other FaceBooks. This, to me, is decisively non-Internet.

    I myself do not operate a “home page” because there is very little in my life that is static and a such be represented statically. A lot of Blogging services give you the ability to integrate static content into your blog (like your sidebar over there). I don’t know about WordPress, but Blogger lets you use all the JavaScript, HTML, PHP and whatever else you could want.

  2. You do have a very useful family calendar on your webpage though. I use that frequently to see who’s birthday is coming up, etc. What will you do with that?

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