A friend’s blog about Obama

I will keep this as anonymous as possible. I have a friend who has some very strong opinions towards our new President-Elect, Barack Obama. She posted this on her MySpace account. I commented and posted that below. Let’s just discuss this post. You can share your agreement or disagreements to this post as you wish. Let’s not stray too far off-topic and speak of other candidates, past and present.

It’s a sad and dark day…..Obama is president.  My heart sunk when I heard this. It’s what I’ve been dreading to hear all day. Those 3 aweful words….Obama-is-President.  I take little hope in his leadership….I dont’ doubt he’ll be a great leader but what kind of a leader he’ll be is what terrifies me. To me I see Obama as a soothsayer, cunning with words, and lets the people hear what they want. That’s a dangerous sort of man that I want nothing to do with. I can promise I will not support him as a president but I will support America with all my heart as a country who needs strong patriotic citizens more than ever.

I just don’t get how a man who can’t raise his own hand during the pledge of alligence can be respected! He took down the American flag from his jet and office and replaced it with his own symboled flag! What kind of a man does that? (Unfortunatly the man America’s given the most powerful seat too!)

McCain has fought for this country for many years. His service in our military is undoubtfully courages and respectable. He’s a role model for many citizens and his intergity of action far out ways any pathetic attempt Obama has made.

The only thing I take comfort in tonight is that our nation is in the hands of our Lord and God. Whatever we see in these next four years will not surprise me. We’ll either go left or right and for our sake I hope we go right. But what’s at jeopardy is far more than a black man getting the white house it’s the foundations of our familys, the strutcture of our economy, the union of a husband and wife, and the life of unborn children. These issue reach further than any one person can handle and goes deeper than most understand. I believe with Obama as President the structure and foundation our Great Nation will begin to crumble and slowly decay with each year…what a SAD and DARK Day!

This is the exact text from her post. Here is my reaction:

Bring me some genuine quotes or citations of these “facts”. That’s all I will say. You can’t believe everything you hear or read online or on the TV/Radio. Most of the media is so far Right that they will say anything to persuade folks away from what God blessed them with, their freedom to choose (left or right).

It’s also not fair, <Name>, to hang all of what happens in this world or country on one person. He absolutely is the figure-head of our country, but one man, regardless of position or rank, cannot hold all the power. That’s why there is a congress and house and senate. Checks and balances. I am willing to bet there are many Democrats that will reject some ideas that Obama proposes.

I am a bit disturbed by some of your words here. You are a very bright girl. But I encourage you to do some real research on some of those claims you state as fact, as far as the flag and bible.

<Another commenter’s name>’s right, if this country falls and crumbles, it cannot and will not be just one man’s fault. It will rest upon all of us for the choices we’ve made. There were 43 other presidents before Obama that made poor decisions and lied to us. Why just pile it on one guy?

Let’s be fair and a little open-minded here. 

If we must, we will just agree to disagree.

Feel free to discus. Please keep it on-topic and civilized.



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