Decisions, Decisions…

Those of you who know me whether through the blog or in person, know that I can’t stay content for long. This is where I meet most of my frustrations in life. It’s not an attention span issue or a problem focussing. It’s just that I have a need to keep moving forward. It reflects most in my professional life. Ask Rachel and she will testify to this need. If I am not moving ahead, either through promotions or on to something different, I get really impatient and irritated. Lately, my job at NovaRad is becoming very stale and stagnant. I recently found out that there is almost zero room for upward movement here. I will try to explain briefly what I mean.

When I was hired on this past March (8 months ago, today), I was told and the offer letter stated that I was hired as a Tech 2 agent. For three months, I would be performing as a Tech 1 agent. Then after a positive 90 day review, I would be promoted to function in a Tech 2 role. I was happy to know there was something resembling a career path here. Three months went by and I was told that I was doing great and I should shortly be “promoted” to a Tech 2. I add the quote marks because of the fact that it’s not really a promotion, since I was hired as a Tech 2 in the first place. I found there would also be no salary increase related to this “promotion”. Simply a title change and a slight change in duties. The only benefit, money-wise, would be that I would be placed on the on-call rotation. I would work 2-10 for a week and get roughly $500 on top of my regular pay. Bottom line… here it is eight months later, and I’m still a Tech 1.

I’ve had some good discussions with my supervisor about this incomplete structure and all I got were some vague statements and some shrugs. He was asking me what I would do. This is not a great way to run a help desk. I’ve been very tempted to go speak with his manager regarding all of this but fear the repercussions of going over my manager’s head.

I have made some good efforts to help improve the structure here. I designed and proposed a new role for the team. I thought a Team Lead position had worked very well in previous jobs so I brought it up here and it was pretty much filed away with not a second thought. There is an opportunity I get every couple weeks to be the rapid response monitor and help prompt the team to make sure to help each customer within 30 minutes. I have performed at my best in the past given these special assignments. I have proven my skills and excitement over and over. I’ve told my boss that I would gladly take that role every day. It charges me up and each day I do it, the team gets the highest scores out of the rest of the week.

Working at Intel really showed me what I want to do. I want to run a team. I want to be a manager. I love it! I’m really good at it. I keep getting my opportunities taken from me. Intel laid me off and so did Slash.

As far as the title of this post, I really have a few big decisions on my plate. As previously mentioned, I have a huge and seemingly no-brainer decision to start school again, for FREE!! I also would like to move back closer to home (Washington) very soon. I need to know what I should do in the meantime here at my current job.

I feel horrible for Rachel and Wyatt. I know they are more than willing to follow me wherever. But talk about never settling down. Rachel wrote a comment regarding this inability to sit still on my Facebook account, “So interesting to me…I grew up in the exact same house my whole life, and since I’ve been married to you, I’ve moved 5 times. No complaints though. 🙂 I’m ready for whatever life throws at us.” I love her so much! I only moved once as a child, growing up. I don’t know where this all comes from. The bottom line is I need to be back in Washington. I feel like my Mom needs me. She’s all by herself for the most part. It’s really hard for me to be ok with that. Plus, in my opinion, there’s no place like home! I love Western Washington. It’s perfect! The weather, the landscape… it’s Heavenly!

Have any thoughts or advice for me? Let me know!




Author: Timmy

Radio broadcaster and IT Pro. Livin' and Lovin'! Married to my beautiful wife and have one son.

7 thoughts on “Decisions, Decisions…”

  1. Tim, I appreciate your honesty and openness in this virtual social sphere. You already know my feelings with having our operation transitioned out of Utah. It was by far the worst news I’ve ever faced in my professional life. Like you, I enjoyed the job, the opportunities and challenges it presented each day, and most importantly, working with the people on the team. Unfortunately though, change is constant and it hit us hard.

    First of all, remember the solid relationships you’ve established along the way. Your network is vast and you should explore every possible way of utilizing that to find your next great opportunity. Promote yourself through LinkedIn and leverage your experience to find the next great gig.

    Another thing you can do is hunt for jobs now, while on the payroll. I’m certain that the more time you put into hunting for a gig, the better the odds are that you’ll find one. Also remember, it’s a lot easier to interview and look for jobs when you’re still working for someone, even if it’s not what you want to do. It takes a lot of the pressure off and alleviates urgent feeling, which may help you interview a lot better. Utilize before and after work time, as well as lunches to hit the job market hard and I’m sure you’ll land something very soon.

    Another comment on the education aspect – GO FOR IT! You mention it’s free and it’s with a good school so what’s holding you back? It’s going to be extremely difficult to obtain a leadership/mgmt job without at least an undergrad degree. Many companies now require a graduate degree if they are hiring off the streets. I’m facing this now, which is why I’m enrolling to go back to school. I enjoy mgmt but know it’s going to be tough w/o the education. The only other way you’ll get into mgmt w/o at least a undergrad degree is to get in with a company, buy your time and pay your dues. For someone who is impatient and strives for growth, like you, it will be impossible since you’ll reach burn out far before you move up through the ranks. So either go for the degree while sticking it out in an ‘easy’ job or consider something else as a career path other than management. I know that may seem a bit harsh but I feel comfortable sharing since I’m facing it right now…

    These are just some of my initial thoughts. This situation will not resolve itself over night but you’re on the right track by seeking unbiased viewpoints. I’m very interested in your situation and would like to help where possible. Good luck.


    My recommendation would be to hit the job market hard while employed. Use time before and after work to job hunt.

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