“I Don’t Get Sick!”

I really don’t get sick… often. This weekend was a very rare deal, indeed. In spite of my being overweight, I have been very healthy. I can’t remember when I had to take time off work for being sick, myself. In most cases, I would take my sick time to take care of my wife or son. When I was single, I would have literally 100’s of hours of sick time. Needless to say, this weekend, hasn’t been fun, or expected.

My lovely wife started coming down with the sick about Thursday. Stuffy nose, miserable feeling, just ick. In my mind, I was thinking, I hope she gets over it soon and that Wyatt doesn’t get it. Thinking nothing of myself, because “I don’t get sick”. I started feeling it in my chest and in my sinuses. Thursday night, Rachel couldn’t sleep a lick, therefore I couldn’t. At around 3am, we look at each other and decide that we should watch something. Since I’m a nice guy, we watched J. Lo in Maid in Manhattan. I thought for sure I could have fallen asleep during the flick, but it kept me awake.

Now it’s Sunday, we got a substitute for our Primary class and we’re watching Don’t Forget the Lyrics. I can’t think of how much Airborne I’ve sipped. (Good stuff, by the way) I also can’t count the number of tissues as well as other various articles of clothing (much to the dismay of Rachel) I’ve used to blow my nose.

The good Lord’s blessed me with overall great health. I guess everyone needs to be brought down low to the dust from time to time, to let them know they are human and not invincible. I am still happy and this too shall pass.


One Reply to ““I Don’t Get Sick!””

  1. Zackary can related to you right now. After wiping his nose too many times to count and listening to him whin I finally took him to the drs. Ends up he has a sinus infection and a double ear infection. Now were finally on our way to getting better. Thank goodness. They only problem with having more than one child is the other ones all wasy seem to catch what the other one had. Fun.

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