What a Season!

As we bring the 2008-9 Holiday Season to a close here in the Marini family, we look back with a smile. As we were taking down the lights, decorations and the tree this past Saturday, it was with some sadness. What a great opportunity to be with family and friends! Rachel’s dad, Pete, came into town from Spokane to be with us. He had just been in Texas with David, April and Ian. He brings with him a great feeling of joy and love. Rachel’s sisters, Ruth and Rebekah, both came over to spend time as well. It was really great having people to be with and to share the feelings of the Season.

As I said, we felt some sadness un-decorating the house, but there also was a sense of relief as we saw our living room restored to some order. Rachel commented that we gained two or three times the space. Our tree this year was pretty big. Plus the glut of gifts (mostly Wyatt’s) scattered around just about filled that room to capacity for the past week or so. It’s the 5th now and we’re all back to work and school. Life is back to normal. It’ll be some time before we can get some time off from work/school to relax and be with each other. Our weekends are typically filled with chores and errands and Church.

We sat down early Saturday and created our 2009 family and individual goals. We have some really aggressive financial changes that HAVE to be made and immediately. We plan to have finished reading the Book of Mormon this year. We also filled out a housework schedule. It covers laundry days, cleaning duties, etc… I’m excited for these plans and goals to start coming to life. I suggest you all do this soon to keep the momentum of the new year going.

This Christmas and New Year’s Holiday Season was memorable as it was so nice to just relax and really get connected again to each other. We’ve spent most of this year really worried about money and we were able to escape all of that noise for just a few days. Heaven!

I look forward to a wonderful 2009! Stick around!



Author: Timmy

Radio broadcaster and IT Pro. Livin' and Lovin'! Married to my beautiful wife and have one son.

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