In-N-Out Burger coming to Northern Utah!

FLASH! The American Fork location opened on Thursday, 12/17!

The Orem and Draper In-N-Out locations will open this coming Thursday, 11/19! LINK

The Orem In-N-Out is about 98% Complete and to open in early November! The one off of Main in American Fork is getting close too and has an expected December opening. Draper should also be open very soon along with West Jordan!

Update!!  According to THIS article, In-N-Out Burger will be in American Fork, Orem, Draper and West Jordan!!  YAY!

In-N-Out Burger
In-N-Out Burger

According to this article in the Deseret News, permits have been attained from the In-N-Out Burger company for a site in Draper, UT! After Chadders and their debacle with In-N-Out a couple years ago, see my previous post here. All this is just another reason our move to WA may be delayed….


9 Replies to “In-N-Out Burger coming to Northern Utah!”

  1. Like really Sonic? when i moved here from cali one of my friends said try sonic its just like in n out, i slapped the crap out of him right after i ate there, never again sonic is absolutely gross, ryan we should totally hang out 🙂

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