The Mystery of the Cherry Coke Zero

Cherry Coke Zero
Cherry Coke Zero

Since being diagnosed with Type II Diabetes back in 2007, I’ve developed some taste for a certain few diet sodas. In the past years, scientists and beverage companies have begun making diet sodas that are more enjoyable. One variety I rather enjoy is Cherry Coke Zero. It’s in no way a Diet Coke. From what I understand, Diet Coke is a whole different recipe than Coke Classic and so tastes nothing like it. Coke Zero is based on the same Coke Classic recipe and tastes very similar.

Recently, we bought a case of this yummy soda and I’ve been bringing one to work to have with lunch. Monday of this week, I had a can on my desk from Friday that I meant to bring home. I put it in the fridge here at work right next to my sandwich. I get to work around 6am each day and usually eat lunch around 10am. When 10am rolled around on Monday, I went to the fridge to grab my lunch, my Cherry Coke Zero was gone. I dug around and looked in the crispers and on the door and even in the freezer. There are many folks with senses of humor working with me! I couldn’t find it. Being a little perturbed, I began walking around looking at people’s desks to see if anyone was enjoying my beverage and loudly pronouncing my dislike of being stolen from. In my mind I knew that I couldn’t complain too horribly since I hadn’t put my name on it, but I never had to in the nearly a year that I’ve worked here. I kept it upbeat and funny just eyeballing the work area. After I didn’t find it, I sent an email to the team (not the managers) and put the subject: I Hope it was Good! The content of the email just asked folks to start labeling their food that they put in the fridge.

Not more than 10 minutes later, I got a reply from a co-worker who said to check the fridge again since he had just saw a can of Cherry Coke Zero in there. I did go and check. By this time, there was a bit of intrigue and interest from other people who followed me to the fridge. When I opened it, there it was, allegedly right where I left it. It was even cold. I instinctively grabbed it but thought better of it and said that I’m not entirely sure this is my can of Cherry Coke Zero and put it back and walked away. I couldn’t be a hypocrite, could I? Again, thinking this was over and hoping someone would come forward with the truth or it would just evaporate, I walked back to my desk and dismissed it all.

One guy came to my desk asking me what was going on with things and I summarized it to him. He said that he may have some inside info that the person took it and felt bad after I made a scene and sent the email. They then may have replaced it or purchased a new one and put it in there for me. I wanted to avoid suspecting individuals because I just don’t care that much. I just wanted to make a statement. I felt that I had successfully done so. Some of these instances like my friend offering “inside info” and the guy sending the email saying it was still in there just made me really wonder…

After returning to our little break-niche to refill my water bottle, I was met by the guy who sent that email who opened the fridge to show me the soda was gone again, but then pointed out that it was sitting on top of someone’s cubicle wall. At this point, this was all becoming quite the entertainment piece. I was more curious to see where the can turned up next. Soon, my supervisor saw it precariously perched and brought it to my desk after being told that it was mine. I thanked him and promptly put it back in the fridge. I told myself that if it was still in the fridge the next day, I would go ahead and drink it.

It was there the next day and I was able to enjoy my Cherry Coke Zero! I brought in a different soda in today and put my name real big with a sharpie marker all over it! Sure enough, I got to enjoy it at lunch today. As sad as it may be, even in the heart of “Mormonville”, Utah County, bad things do happen. Be careful. Clearly label your food.



5 Replies to “The Mystery of the Cherry Coke Zero”

  1. I thought that the story was going to end with the can appearing in all sorts of places. Next to the trash can. In the toilette. Whatever. Either way, might be a fun video to make and post for your co-workers :).

  2. I volunteer with a local law-enforcement agency and I wouldn’t dare leave anything of value out in the open. Why? Because even police officers are human and likely to take something that doesn’t belong to them.

    Just because someone is Mormon or wears a badge does not make them immune from taking something that isn’t theirs.

    If you want to protect your food and beverages, bring a cooler. 🙂

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