Computer Problem

Windows XP Professional
Windows XP Professional

Yeah, I know. How many years in the IT industry?? Our home PC is on Windows XP Pro SP3. It’s fully patched and now will not adjust to Daylight Saving Time. It did fine last time around. I double checked everything in the system time properties. Correct Time Zone, successful time syncs with different time servers, and I just cannot figure this out. I’ve even went through and uninstalled the DST patches and re-installed them. It’s not working.

Sure, I could manually advance the clock one hour, but that’s not a fix. I’ve searched blogs and forums and no one is reporting this issue. I attempted to use Microsoft’s online chat support but had to cut it short. Someone suggested the CMOS battery might need replacing. The PC is about 4-5 years old but I’ve not seen any issues with keeping time. The PC is on all the time, other than falling asleep when it’s idle.

I’ve posted on Twitter a number of times but to no avail. I’ve asked several co-workers who just shrug. I always appreciate all your input and comments, but now I am asking for your help. What do I need to do?




Author: Timmy

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5 thoughts on “Computer Problem”

  1. Hehehe! Thanks, Brian. I will try the advice in that thread. I think with SP3 being final, there are no RCs but I see the timezone editor tool linked in the thread. I will try that later at home.


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