DTV Conversion

DTV Coupon
DTV Coupon

It’s not very often that the Government says, “Here you go, $40!”. Or even better, “Have $80!”. I am a Dish Network subscriber and so technically I am not qualified to take part in the Digital TV Converter Box program. However, I know that Dish does not provide all the nifty sub-channels that are now offered over the air via this new Digital TV technology. Thus, I feel I am justified in now taking part.

I had a friend of mine send me 2 coupons a few weeks ago and promptly went to Wal-Mart and purchased the $49 Magnavox DTV converter box. I also purchased one for my sister in-law as she is not a subscriber to cable or satellite and uses just rabbit ears. She lives in a basement apartment and with analog TV, she barely gets any reception and what she does get is sketchy at best. After hooking up the box and doing the initial scan, we were blown away by the clarity and number of good, clean channels that came through! I was initially fearing that it wouldn’t work at all. I had always heard that digital transmissions were, by nature, lower power and therefore went shorter distances and would ultimately provide less coverage. That experience turned that thought on it’s end.

I was eager to get home and hook it up to one of our sets and be amazed. Let’s just say that I wasn’t disappointed. After repositioning my TV aerials, that are not amplified or special in any way, I was able to pick up very strong digital signals from all the area’s stations. I switched between the Dish Network broadcast of our local channel 5 and the over the air digital channel 5 and it was day and night! The DTV had so much more clarity and sharpness and much fuller sound. This was even on a station that wasn’t transmitting any HD content!

Let me back up a bit and say that shortly before getting these coupons from a friend, I went online to order my coupons and the site said it could be 4-6 months due to a shortage of funding to the program. I was then grateful that I got these ones from my buddy. I opened the mail yesterday to find two fresh DTV coupons! I still have one of the original two that I was sent but it expires in early April.

I need to ask around work or the family to see if anyone needs one. I don’t necessarily want to offer these over my blog, but if you know how to contact me and want to discuss, we shall. I will not respond to any comments or emails regarding these coupons. By the way, as of now, the official analog (normal, not digital) TV transmissions will stop effective June 12th, 2009.

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