4 Quick Movie Reviews

Recently, we’ve been able to watch a few good movies. We’ve seen Monsters Vs. Aliens 3d – IMAX, Knowing, Australia and most recently, Marley & Me. While these movies are miles away from each other as far as genre, Rachel and I agree that we liked them all. Wyatt has only seen MvA so far. We do plan to show him M&M.

monsters-vs-aliens-posterMvA was pretty funny and very well animated. It tries to go the Shrek route and use a bit of adult humor but it doesn’t quite have the legs. Animation-wise, in 3D and IMAX, I was more interested in the quality and reality than the actual movie. The one issue is when Seth Rogan’s slimer-like character was trying to determine the gender of Reese Witherspoon’s giant girl character, he says something like of course it’s a boy, it’s got boobies. I was very impressed with how advanced and realistic this technology has become. The voice work of Reese Witherspoon, Hugh Laurie and Seth Rogan were well played. It was fun and I could see buying the DVD. Rated PG.


Rachel and I scored a babysitter and went to see Knowing. This stars Nicolas Cage and is an interesting story about the end of the world. This movie has been out more than a month and the theater was just packed. There were some really deep elements regarding the after-life and such things as fate as well as prophesy. In the 50’s there was a small girl who heard voices and had a “gift”. She wrote a page full of seemingly random numbers and it got put into the school’s time capsule. Cage’s son attended this same school and they pulled out the time capsule. He got this sheet with the numbers and basically Cage discovers that this page of numbers actually tell disasters and events – when and where they happen and how many die. Great movie! Well acted and aside from some odd ideas of what may happen, it was really good. Rated PG-13.

ausdvdcoverWe will occasionally head to Hollywood and rent a couple DVDs. This time we got Australia and Marley & Me. Australia is a vast, sweeping epic film following the story of a small child who gets adopted by Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman. You will probably get a more thorough review from Rachel. I was mostly surfing the web on my laptop at during the two hour and forty-five minute opus from Baz Luhrman (he did Moulin Rouge! and Romeo + Juliet among others). My wife really liked the film and I suspect it had something to do with the leading male character and how often his shirt wasn’t on. I will probably try to watch it again to get a better taste of it. It seemed pretty good and very well done. Rated PG-13.

marleyandme2discr1artpic1Marley & Me was originally a book by columnist John Grogan about his family and Marley, his Labrador Retriever. I will begin by saying I knew I would break down and cry from this movie. I don’t generally cry much from movies. Even a movie about someone’s dad dying from cancer didn’t bring me to tears. The last movie I really cried from was My Dog Skip. I had a dog growing up, Sadie. But this was an outside dog and I never really had a relationship or connection like these movies portray. Sadie passed away while I was in Florida on my Mission. I had other pets but they were mostly fish or cats and cats just leave or run away and fish – well, fish just get flushed. I don’t know why I cry so much with dog movies. This movie was great.  I loved the story and all the episodes of Marley’s misbehavior (which reminds me a lot of Wyatt!). The three kids they have are almost just props as is John’s career. This movie is about the dog. I think Owen Wilson could have been more emotional at the end. Jennifer Aniston did a great job as a stressed out mother of three with Marley proving more challenging than the youngins. Great movie. We’ll be owning that one and I will update with Wyatt’s reactions once we watch it with him. Rated PG.

A really good set of movies. There was a bit of a dry spell there for a bit as far as good family movies go. I’m waiting for the next Disney/Pixar production, Up!. It looks really good.


3 Replies to “4 Quick Movie Reviews”

  1. I have to agree about Monsters v. Aliens. Fun to watch, but not really quite there as far as story goes. Knowing looks good, but I’ll likely wait until the DVD comes out. Especially since our next movie-going experience will likely be Star Trek. As far as Marley goes, I really don’t like Jennifer Aniston, I never had. Beside that, that kind of movie doesn’t seem like a great idea when we’ve had our dog for less than two months.

    1. Thanks, Dave. I can appreciate your feelings about Marley. I think the pain is worth the ownership. I was doing the math. Wyatt is now 6. If the typical dog lives about 15 years, he may still be on his mission when his dog were to pass away. The difficult part is getting the approval from Rachel and getting a gate built for the backyard. Add it to the list…

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