St. George Family Trip

Ruth & Team
Ruth & Team

Over this past weekend we were delighted to get out of town for a couple days. Rachel’s sister, Ruth, was participating in the St. George Triathlon so we decided to head down to support her efforts. It had been sometime since our last family trip to Disneyland and it just felt like good timing. We headed out Friday afternoon and were in town around 7:30pm. We hung out and met some of Ruth’s teammates from the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Team-In-Training group. We woke up early the next morning and started north towards Hurricane, UT. The race took place in nearby Sand Hollow State Park with high winds and temperatures in the 90’s. Ruth did her best but ended up having some technical trouble that ultimately prevented her from completing the entire event. Although this was a crushing blow to all of her hard work and preparation, she was able to collect enough donations to fully participate! She did a great job and did so much good for so many who were in need. I heard the event announcer mention that Team-In-Training had donated over $1 Billion, globally! Excellent work, Ruth!

Brigham Young's Winter Home
Brigham Young's Winter Home

With the event over we headed back into St. George and made a visit to Brigham Young’s winter home. The LDS Church provides free walk-through tours to many historic sites. This one was very close to our hotel and it was something we all wanted to check out. It was a very educational and entertaining tour. We found out that in the early 1970’s, lightening had struck a large Mulberry tree in the yard that split the tree in half. They used tree surgery to repair the tree and hold it together. In between the split sections, they used an iron turnbuckle drilled into both sides and tightened in the middle to bring the halves together. We also learned that St. George was named for George Albert Smith, who ended up saving many lives by feeding potato skins to sick people. He became known as the Potato Saint and thus the town’s name is now St. George.

Cove Fort Entry
Cove Fort Entry

We mostly relaxed and went swimming for the rest of Saturday. We had dinner with Ruth’s team at Iggy’s. We woke up Sunday morning and had a small Mother’s Day celebration for Rachel. We then swam a bit more and checked out. We heard from some folks at dinner the night before that Cove Fort was a pretty cool place to visit. About 100 miles north on I-15, we turn off on I-70 East. Shortly, off to the right, we see the old fort. Again, the LDS Church provided a free walk-through tour and our guides, Elder and Sister Mitchell provided almost 90 minutes worth of great info and a short historical video. We learned a lot about how the early travelers along with Postal and Military personnel would stop here for safe rest and food on their route between Fillmore and Beaver. Initially Brigham Young wanted a fort built to provide protection from the local Indian tribes who, at first, were pretty hostile towards visitors. Shortly, however, relations were improved and there was never a fight at the fort. In fact, the only gun ever fired was an accident when two young boys found a handgun and one was shot in the knee. It was a cool stop on our trip.

We returned home around 9pm Sunday night and had a well-needed rest to return back to work and school. As a family, we are always grateful for these opportunities to be together and do some traveling. Growing up, my parents made it a point to do some traveling each year. My Dad, brothers and I would make yearly summer trips to nearby Yakima just to get away and have fun as guys. This has stuck with me and I love to travel and explore. Luckily, Rachel is of the same mind and also enjoys taking trips. If you’re in the area, I recommend checking these areas out. Rich with history and very pleasant weather make it a great place to go see.

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