Wyatt’s First T-Ball Game

2009 Cardinals
2009 Cardinals

Last night, the 2009 Cardinals gathered up at Art Dye park and had our big season opener. Our little team of eight, Wyatt, Ryatt (I know, right?), Claire, Cameron, Matthew, Kayden, Ander and Treg, have had one practice (thanks, Dale!) and they were so excited to have their first game. We missed Treg but we hung in there. Some of the parents pitched in and helped keep their kids in their fielding positions.

Having just eight on the team makes it easier to plan and rotate them through the different positions. I was a little concerned that we’d have a tougher time due to fewer numbers but it worked out great.

Wyatt is the only 2nd year player. I did a little home practice with him before the game. I was very impressed with all that he remembered. He was hitting that ball like a pro! Last year, he had trouble with that. He also did really good catching and throwing.

I’ve been jumping all over this coaching thing and using some online tools to help communicate info to the team. I put up a website HERE. I also setup a Twitter account, HERE. You can follow along as well as get location and schedule information if you’d like to attend our games. We’d love you to come support us!

Thanks again to all the parents for their support! This will be a great experience for all!



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