2 Movie Reviews: Up! and Night at the Museum 2


Disney/Pixar has another huge hit on their hands with the masterful Up. Excellent voicework, outstanding animation and it has a broad range of emotions. Yeah, there were some really sad parts. That’s atypical for a Disney/Pixar film. Some pretty big names here: Ed Asner as the main character, Carl Fredricksen, Christopher Plummer as the “inspirational” character Charles Muntz. John Ratzenberger also made his typical appearance as the Construction Foreman, Tom.

The story basically surrounds a small boy who meets a girl who has the same dream as he does. To float to a beautiful South American destination and live forever. The movie shows them getting married and trying to save the money to make this dream come true. But life was not having any of this and kept getting in the way. When urban development wanted to encroach on their home, Carl attaches a huge amount of helium balloons and floats his house away.

The rest of the story I’ll leave to you to go see it. As always, some really funny scenes are included and you can really grab onto this story emotionally. Well done, Disney/Pixar! 5 of 5 plus signs: +++++

Night at the Museum 2
Night at the Museum 2

Ben Stiller returns as former night guard after finding huge success as an inventor of infomercial products. He makes a visit back to the museum to get back in touch with his old friends and finds everything packed up and ready to be shipped off for deep storage to the Smithsonian in Washington DC. This excellent movie follows Larry through an incredible adventure to prevent this from happening. He goes to DC to recover the tablet and to return it and those already shipped characters to New York. The magic of the tablet awakens all the exhibits at the Smithsonian which definitely complicates Larry’s efforts.

Along his way, he befriends Amelia Earhart. Amy Adams (from Enchanted and others) plays an excellent and sassy Amelia. Together they help deliver the original exhibits back to the right museum and develop a bit of a love interest. Larry knows this cannot be and tries to explain this.

I’ll let you watch the film to know more. Ignore those paid critics and forget that they say there’s no magic. Yeah, its a sequel and therefore not as original, but it’s still an excellent and fun concept. It’s done, again, very very well! 4 out of five pound signs: ####



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