New Header Image – Mt. Rainier

Hey folks! I’m still living in Utah. I was looking on for some good Utah-oriented images and found a bunch of good ones but they weren’t quite hitting me right. I thought for a bit and remembered one of my big passions growing up. Mt. Rainier in Washington State. I grew up near Tacoma in a town called Bonney Lake. There are a few lakes in that area and one, Lake Tapps, is pretty expansive and there’s a road you can travel on around the lake and at one point, you can see this majestic peak hovering above the lake.

In school, I wrote many a report based upon my mountain. I had posters and pictures and maps in my room. I even have a wide panoramic framed picture of Mt. Rainier in my office at home now! I love this mountain and it makes me think of home. I have not been back to WA since my Father passed away in November of 2006. I’ve seen family here and there since as they’ve come to visit. I really get to missing home. Perfect weather (yes, I love rain!), lots of green and of course the magnificent Mt. Rainier.

Above, you see a fantastic view of Mt. Rainier from the farmlands of Enumclaw, just at the entryway to the Cascade Range and foothills. My Aunt lives on a farm in Enumclaw and had an incredible view of the mountain. It was my favorite part of visiting my cousins. I hope you enjoy the scenic and beautiful image of Mt. Rainier as much as I do.



3 Replies to “New Header Image – Mt. Rainier”

  1. Very nice!

    I was in Telluride for 4 days last week, enjoying some scenic vistas and colder weather (Phoenix will hit 116 F this weekend, yikes!!!).

    I miss living near mountains. Phoenix claims to have mountains, but compared to Mt. Rainier and the Rockies, they are merely tall hills.

  2. Right on Timmy. Yes I do live in a piece of paradise and have always felt blest from it, besides it was/is the best place to raise kids. The PNW really does offer us many a scenic sights to take in and things to do. Shouldn’t this be are secret though?

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