We got Wyatt a Big-Boys’ Bike!

We’ve talked about it so much in the past year and tried to use it as a motivational tool to help Wyatt behave better at school and daycare. He has been in a new daycare at BYU for a couple months now and we are extremely happy with his huge improvements in his behavior. We finally went to WalMart and bought a 20″ Huffy for him. at less than $50, it was a great deal!

The 20″ Boys’ Huffy Rock It bike was his choice: http://www.huffybikes.com/Products/Product.aspx?p=59&cat=2&subcat=3

Rock It!
Rock It!

On his first outing with it, he did pretty good. He crashed a few times but his solo up-time was brilliant! The experience came to a crashing halt when he dumped it and the handle bar bumped into his eye. He’s ok, but a little shaken.

His other bike was his first bike and it was too small for his long legs to do anything productive. He’d keep pedaling backwards and fall off. This new bike should fit him better and he should take off on his own.



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