Is it just Utah?


UPDATE 2! The school was able to move him to the early track! All is good!

UPDATE! My manager just approved the new schedule!! Last step is if the school will switch him…

There’s a lot I really love about Utah. I love the family oriented activities and attractions. I love all the Temples and the scenery. I wonder though… It seems that with that characteristic, it may be a bit too much… Let me explain. We’ve discovered here and there, but especially just in the past few days that things here are generally not compatible with families that have both parents working.

Due to our choices and the way it has just worked out, we both must work full time jobs. We are so thrilled that Wyatt is now starting First Grade and will be going to school all day. We looked forward to this since he was very small. Paying for daycare was a huge financial burden and we saw this as a light at the end of that tunnel. We’re finding out that without working some miracles at our workplaces, Rachel would probably have to stay home to get Wyatt to and from school each day.

So far, our jobs have been very flexible with things like this and I hope they will continue to do so. We cannot afford to have just one income. As much as Rachel and I would both love to have one of us home for Wyatt, it just would not work. This has been my personal goal since we first had Wyatt. To get us to a point that Rachel could stay home. I still hope we can get there.

Wyatt’s school has two tracks, or schedules, that he can be on. The early track starts at 8:00am and the late track starts at 9:15am. On Mondays, they start at the same time but get out an hour earlier. Rachel works from 8-5 and I work usually from 6-2:30. At this point, we’ve explored all the options with our neighbors and others that we could. We are now asking our managers what flexibilities can be offered.

One plan is to have me work 5-1:30 and on Mondays, skip lunch and work 5-1. Rachel would have to be able to arrive 15-20 mins later each day and make that time up somehow. This means Wyatt would have to be moved from the late track to the early one (if the school lets him).

As far as what I mentioned earlier about Utah, we’ve also had some difficulties doing Church-related activities due to them being scheduled in the middle of the day. I just wonder if this happens elsewhere? Anyone outside of “Zion” having these issues?



3 Replies to “Is it just Utah?”

  1. if you add up all your debt payments in a month (not including the house) and what day care used to be, would it be close to how much rachel brings home in a month? if so there is your answer to her staying home, just a thought from your weirdo little brother.

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