Up and coming

Chillin-picture_large406The Marini Family (us, that is) seems to always have something going on. I’m cool with that but sometimes it feels good to just relax. Nothing planned, no house/yard work, nowhere to go, no one to see. While rare, I think it’s therapeutic every so often. I don’t think we’ll have much opportunity in the coming weeks and months. But it should be neat!

Coming up on September 8th is our 8th Wedding Anniversary! While we are saving our money for other activities (more later), we are trying to see about going to the Melting Pot somewhere close to that date. That is one of our favorite fancy places to eat and due to it’s fanciness, it’s also a rare treat. It should be great! Plus, we have a $50 gift card to ease the sticker-shock.

Next, we have my 33rd birthday on the 24th. YAY… (I wish there was a font called Sarcasm) This should be a mellow event but I always love birthdays. In another 10 or so years, my feelings might be different.


Then, as best as I can tell, in early October, we will be joining the recently married Deb and Jake Denison along with Dave, April and Ian Yorke to Southern California to the fabled Disneyland Resort! This is what we are trying to save our money for. This will be our second trip to The Magic Kingdom this year. That, indeed is a very rare occasion! We are all so excited and really cannot wait!

Mom wants to join us for a week or so for Thanksgiving and then we are heading up to Washington in February for Chas’ Homecoming. He returns from his 2 year LDS Mission in Cleveland, OH. Of course, I skipped over Halloween, Christmas and New Years, but as far as I can tell, those should be pretty typical this year.

That’s what’s up and coming for us for the rest of the decade!



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