2010 Mustang GT Convertible!

2010 Mustang Convertible
2010 Mustang Convertible

Wyatt has really become enamored with pony cars lately. Namely the Chevy Camaro and Ford Mustang. The Camaro can be entirely blamed on the Transformers movies. I’m not entirely sure where the Mustang fascination sprang from. We bought him a blue 2010 Mustang from Hot Wheels a few months ago. That might have been it. But, you know how some folks play the slug-bug game? When you slug the person next to you if you see a VW Beetle. Well our take doesn’t include slugging but it’s changed to Mustangs. Wyatt can pick ’em out like a sniper.

We live fairly close to both a Chevy and Ford dealer. Both are mostly focused on selling trucks so there isn’t a lot of cars to look at. We went tonight since Rachel had an appointment that was keeping her out late. We went to Ken Garff Ford in American Fork and they had a good number of new and used Mustangs on hand! We went in and found a young lady who looked helpful.

I basically told her the deal: Wyatt LOVES Mustangs and really wanted a ride in one. She was cool and asked him if he wanted to drive a new one or used. He pointed to the bright blue 2010 in the showroom and said he wanted a new one. She grabbed the keys and we headed out. We came up to a silver convertible 2010 GT. It was so nice! The only drawback was that it was an automatic. She even commented that it was a strange combination. This pony did not disappoint! We headed back behind the dealership to some nice, straight, empty roads and she advised me to let ‘er rip!

I felt that horse buck under me and even with auto transmission, the thing flew! I was so excited I didn’t even take any time to check out the nifty navigation/satellite radio/traffic screen taking up most the dash. Wyatt was just stunned and barely made a peep. I saw the pure energy in his cute face shining.

We returned back to Earth and drove back home. We were both just buzzing talking about it. I regret one mistake I made. I didn’t put Wyatt in a car seat. He sat in the back and buckled up, but the car seat in our van is a huge thing and the ‘Stang probably would have spit it out if I tried to put it in.

Rachel made me promise to never do that again and suggested I use the booster seat we keep in the car next time. I said that would be an outstanding idea and asked her when “next time” would be.


My brother, Joe asked me if I bought it. I said that I didn’t and couldn’t even foresee anything in the next five years or so. I can’t trade in the Civic anytime soon as it’s a lease and we’ve barely had it a year. It would prove futile to even suggest trading in the van for a two door sports car. It looks like we’re a few years before I can even get serious. By then a 2010 Mustang will be five years old and about $10-15,000 cheaper! Who knows if they’ll still be making them by then.



Author: Timmy

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