New iPod Nano has FM Radio!

ipodnanoApple recently released their new iPod Nano line. This one has 2 big new features: A video camera and an FM Radio. I’m really excited about the FM radio feature. Not only can you tune in your favorite local shows but you can use it like a Tivo! You can pause and rewind live radio. It also features iTunes song-tagging so you can queue up a wish-list in iTunes to download later. The radio station has to provide that support on their end.

It’s available now in a plethora of brilliant colors and in 8gb and 16gb sizes. Suggested retail for 8gb is $149 and $179 for 16gb.

To sum it up: my birthday is on the 24th of this month.


Author: Timmy

Radio broadcaster and IT Pro. Livin' and Lovin'! Married to my beautiful wife and have one son.

2 thoughts on “New iPod Nano has FM Radio!”

  1. Chas has requested an IPOD for his birthday and Christmas presents combined to be here waiting for him. He will send me the website to order one in January. Thinking ahead.

  2. Amazing, just be careful with Coverflow,
    So last night I picked up my first Ipod, got a Black 8 GB Nano. Glad I waited for the new “fat” version. A few months back I bought my sister a Nano as a gift so comparing the “slim” Nano to the “fat” video Nano I like the one better, the extra width helps me hold onto the player better.

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