Internet Radio, The Fair and Another Year

Hello. I want to share with you all what a great weekend we had. I was on-call all this past week which meant I worked in the office from 2pm – 10pm and then had the mobile phone and laptop at home if anyone needed help overnights through 5am. On Fridays I work 1pm-9pm and then I’m free. During the days last week, I was able to open the mic on my internet radio station, KXRT, and do some basic DJing. It was a lot of fun and I really like doing it.

On Saturday, we hooked up with the Baileys and headed to the Utah State Fair. The morning wasn’t too bad but by the time 1pm came around, the temps blasted up into the mid to high 90’s! We let Wyatt and Sydnee ride a few kiddie rides and looked at some exhibits. We wrapped up and headed out around 4pm. We helped them transport their new 2-seater baby stroller from Babies R Us. No, they’re not having twins, but Sydnee will be able to ride as well.

Around 7:45pm, I head to the state-of-the-art all-digital KXRT Studios high above town in the all-new SuiteSounds Entertainment complex, on the 33rd floor. (yeah, but it sounded good when I was typing) The 2nd Timmy LIVE! show was on the air at 8pm sharp.

I played the night’s Timmy LIVE! Top 5 countdown show and then went into our Featured Artist: Matchbox 20. The show was moving along really well and I had some requests come in through Facebook and some of you even called our request lines and got on the air with me. It was an excellent time to be had! I really enjoyed myself. If any of you have known me, you know that I am best in my element when I am entertaining.

Years ago, I would DJ church dances and will always remember those happy times. There’s something powerful about music that brings people together. I get energized and feel honored to be able to present music and entertainment to people. I think that’s why I’ve always dreamed of having a job in the radio industry as an on-air DJ or host. To be behind a microphone that can send a signal to potential hundreds of thousands of people just gets my heart pounding. My internet station is small and will most likely always be, unless something major happens in congress and the recording industry. I’m entirely happy with the way it is. Yes, I want more listeners and new social networking tools like Twitter and Facebook have really brought things along more than I’ve ever seen.

My youngest brother, Chas has his birthday today (9/21). He is currently serving the Lord in Cleveland, OH. (Heaven knows they need it! 😉 ) He is turning 22 this year. I’ve always thought having a sibling 11 years my junior was very interesting. He is so different from his older siblings. My parents took a vastly different approach to his discipline and upbringing. I won’t get into all that but it’s enough to say that he has his different traits and motivations. I love him and I know he is doing the Lord’s work. His efforts will bless the lives of many people, his own included. He should return home in early February of next year. We are all excited and will travel some distances to see him home.

My 33rd birthday is Thursday (9/24). 33 is an interesting age. Nothing horribly special, other than it being two numbers that are the same. It’s another year older. For the next 3 months or so, I get to be 2 years older than Rachel. She loves that. I’m not really worried or depressed about my age. When it starts heading into the upper 30’s I will probably start being more hesitant of getting excited about my age. But I figure I’ve got a few more years before all that happens. No hurry!

I hope you all enjoy the week. Be happy and smile!



Author: Timmy

Radio broadcaster and IT Pro. Livin' and Lovin'! Married to my beautiful wife and have one son.

2 thoughts on “Internet Radio, The Fair and Another Year”

  1. Aah hem… excuse me! Your dad decided to raise him with a different approach. I think it really was that he was to tired to throw the infamous shoe anymore. giggle, tee hee. jk.

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