Disneyland Trip – 2.0

Disney @ Halloween
Disney @ Halloween

We were invited to join Dave, April, Ian, Debs and Jake at Disneyland to help celebrate Ian’s 4th birthday and a belated wedding celebration for Debs and Jake.

We had already been to Disneyland earlier this year in February as a treat from my Mom, who was having a birthday and wanted to treat us. People looked at us and scoffed wondering how we could be so rich to afford going twice. We really didn’t pay for the first time.

We were able to get really good tickets at Dream Vacation Builders. They were 5 day Park Hopper tickets at the price of 3 day tickets and they were even discounted further. We stayed 4 days and had a blast the entire time!

Blue Bayou Restaurant
Blue Bayou Restaurant

For Ian’s birthday, we had reservations for the Blue Bayou restaurant, inside Pirates of the Caribbean! It was incredible with the exception of some really exorbitant prices. It was a fun experience!

We met up with Adria and her 4 children, Sam, Sarah, Griffin and Caleb. They live close by and Sam and Sarah are our nephew and niece. At one point, our group got as large as 12! While quite the party, it was tough to manage. It was really good to see folks again, though.

The weather was perfect. Cool and clear. Although at the top of the giant ferris wheel in California Adventure, it was quite cool and windy.

Space Mountain is Ghost Galaxy
Space Mountain is Ghost Galaxy

We pretty much were able to ride all the rides at least once and some even 3 or more times, like Space Mountain and Soarin’ Over California. Both parks had their Halloween decorations up and a number of the rides were even customized for the season. Space Mountain was transformed into Ghost Galaxy with a creepy ghoul that chased you through the ride and would reach out and grab you! Haunted Mansion was all decked out in Nightmare Before Christmas fare. Jack Skellington and his friends were all over this one! It was very cool.

They had a nightly fireworks and media display timed to some haunting songs and Disney villains. This was a lot of fun and very well done.

Pictures paint a better picture than I could describe. I’ve posted those at my Facebook page.

Thanks again for the invite and it was an excellent experience and one for the memory banks!


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