Halloween, Thanksgiving and… ALREADY???

I don’t get it! In my life, I’ve learned a very simple truth: if you want time to go fast, it creeps along; if you want time to be slow, it just zips past you like you’re standing still!

Here we are in the middle of October, in 2009! In just a matter of weeks, it will be a whole new decade! It blows my mind. I still remember thinking the 90’s were cool! Then I really remember the whole Y2K phenomena where the digital world would screech to a halt at the stroke of midnight. Planes were going to fall from the sky, satellites would fly out of their orbits, all communication would be muted because some short-sighted programmers didn’t use a four digit year code.

Of course, it turned out to be pretty anti-climatic. Either companies and governments (who spent millions) were saved by last-minute preparations, or maybe it wasn’t a big deal. But here we are, nearly 10 years later. Oh yeah, you can’t forget September in 2001. A huge life and world-changing event. (Where are those fancy new towers??) This decade has been historic in a lot of senses. The Y2K business, the 9/11 tragedy, Shock & Awe, Hurricanes, Tsunamis, the first black US President… You know that song from 1989 by Billy Joel, “We Didn’t Start The Fire”?? That song was about 4 minutes long and covered events from almost 90 years of history. Someone could easily write a new version that just covers the first 10 years of the 21st Century and have each event be entirely familiar!

Soon, we have this year’s version of “The Holidays”. Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. A triumvirate of Holidays based on eating, eating and gifts (and eating!). Don’t get me wrong, I love the Holidays! How awesome to see people scare each other and earn candy by doing so. Wyatt is so excited to dress in his new costume and while we encourage him to keep it a secret, he wants to shout it to the world!

My sweet Mother will be coming into town this year for Thanksgiving.  Thanks to some exceptional deals, she was able to score some great plane tickets for the trip. This will be a first. I’m really pleased that she’ll be here to share with us. Plus she gets to add her outstanding cooking abilities to Rachel’s already masterful talents in the kitchen. Per tradition, we go out on the day after to cut down a fresh, live Christmas Tree from one of the local farms. This was new for me 8+ years ago when I married Rachel and will be new for Mom as well. She’ll be around for a week and be a huge help and great company!

Christmas should be pretty typical. After both Wyatt’s and Rachel’s birthdays in the preceding weeks, Christmas starts becoming a little taxing. Again, there’s nothing but pure joy and anticipation surrounding the great Holiday. But when you read the previous paragraphs and then take into account that a few days later there will be another big celebration to welcome in a new year AND a new decade… You see where taxing may not be the most expressive word to use. By far Wyatt’s favorite Holiday is Christmas. Rightly so and I fully agree! To look around at the faces you know and adore and see them just light up in pure joy and gratitude is enough to warm and sometimes melt your heart. It is even enough of a distraction that for some brief seconds you don’t even think about the financial aspects of the day. In my book, that cannot be bad.

As of this writing, there are 71 Days, 16 Hours, 47 Minutes until Christmas. (Google or Bing “days till Christmas”) Rachel and I have found and commented that with Woot, 1SaleADay and other bargain sites, it’s become easier to shop for Christmas and get some great deals. Rachel even said we might get our shopping done before December! One other bit of shopping advice: if you shop at Costco or Sam’s Club and you see something that will make a great gift, BUY IT RIGHT THEN! I can almost guarantee that it will not be there the next time you go. Things cycle through so quickly and we’ve kicked our collective selves many a time for errantly thinking that item would be there in a couple weeks, much less a couple days.

Wishing you all a happy and safe Holiday Season this year,



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