Holiday Season 2009… Heeeere weeee go!

It’s nuts! I know I recently posted something like this before Halloween but I’m telling you, time does not give us a break! Finally, it’s snowed a bit here in Utah which has helped usher in the feeling of the Holiday Season. I love the snow, but in my older age, it’s become more of an aesthetically pleasing element. In other words, I like snow… to look at. Now that it involves back-breaking shoveling and finger-freezing, sadly, I’m not such a huge fan. Don’t get me wrong, it won’t take a lot of begging to get me on a sled at the crest of a huge slope of smooth, slick white. I do enjoy the off snowball fight as well. But it could take more urging these days.

Here we are at the cusp of a family birthday, Turkey Day, two more family birthdays, Christmas, yet another family birthday and finally New Year’s. Talk about breaking the bank. Not just our local credit union branch, I’m talking about energy, time, and patience as well. This is probably not the busiest among you all, I’m sure there are more families who are much busier.. my heart goes out to you! Thankfully, my dear Mother will be coming into town the week of Thanksgiving and I’m sure she will be a big help with some of those “banks” I mentioned above. Since Rachel and I have joined Weight Watchers, my request for my Mom’s famous fried chicken may have to be canceled. That is one of my favorite meals from my childhood. No, I haven’t brought this up with her yet, I’m waiting to see how to best approach this…

Ruth, my sister in-law, has her birthday just before Thanksgiving. Wyatt and Rachel have birthdays within days of each other. I’m grateful my birthday happens a few months away from any traditionally gift-oriented holidays. Then there are no worries about what I want for my birthday vs. Christmas or whether I would feel guilty getting presents and such just days before getting presents and such again! Of course, that guilt would have only arrived here in my latter years. I’m sure for Wyatt and children like him, it’s pure heaven! Just this past week, he’s gone through Toys ‘r Us and Wal-Mart ads circling what he wants. We told him to code each circle with a B for birthday and a C for Christmas. We looked afterwords and found that even he struggled with this as most circles had two letter codes!

Christmas is a big event at our house as we generally have Rachel’s sisters over, her Grandma, and some friends to round out the guest list. This year looks to be the same plus we have Rachel’s sister Mary and her husband, Mark from LA joining us. Mary works for fast food legend In-N-Out Burger and will be in town to be a trainer for the new locations opening up here locally. We are very excited to have them joining us. Folks usually come over Christmas Eve, we party a bit, play games, head to bed and wake up Christmas Morning to watch Wyatt have his big moment! Sure, we get presents too but Wyatt, as usual, is the major spectacle.

Deborah, Rachel’s sister who lives in Texas will also have a birthday. Since she’s been in TX, these haven’t really been big events but still worth a mention cuz we love her!

New Year’s is a pretty fun time. We snack ourselves to death, drink some bubbly (sparkling cider), kiss and go to sleep. Then we get the next day to just chill (usually clean house!).

That’s kind of what we got going for us this coming month or two. I’m catching my breath now and all I did was type! Once we get through all this, there is a bit of a break in the action for a month or so and then in mid-February, we hop in the car and drive up to Washington to welcome home my youngest brother, Chas, from his full-time two-year service as a missionary for the LDS Church in Cleveland! I’m really excited for this trip as it’s been since my Father’s funeral in November of 2006 since I’ve been up there. I sorely miss home. I hope to have some job interviews lined up while I’m there. Then we can begin our transition back to the lovely green of the Pacific Northwest!

One more note, on the stroke of midnight, after you finish your Thanksgiving meals, KXRT goes all Christmas! This will continue through Christmas to New Year’s Day. All the info is at



Author: Timmy

Radio broadcaster and IT Pro. Livin' and Lovin'! Married to my beautiful wife and have one son.

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