In-N-Out and Christmas Music

Orem, UT In-N-Out
In-N-Out, Orem, UT

Hi, folks! I MUST report on  my visit to the opening night of In-N-Out Burger in Orem, Utah. Lines! That’s what I was dreading most but when I got there, last night around 6:30, it looked long but I moved through pretty quickly. I met up with some friends who had been in line and when I found out that Rachel wasn’t going to be able to make it in time for us to eat together, I had to get out of line and head to the end. That second move through the queue took about 25 minutes! Rachel arrived just in time for us to order and our friends were just getting finished so we sat at their table. I ordered a Double-Double with no onion or tomato. Rachel a hamburger with onion and no tomato. Wyatt a plain burger with just spread. We had two drinks and two orders of fries. Everything was great! “That is a TASTY cheeseburger!” Though not exactly a Big Kahuna, this is in the upper echelon of the burger kingdom! Both the Orem and the Draper locations opened yesterday and by 7pm, the guy at the door said they both had combined sales of over 8,000 burgers! The West Jordan location should open in a couple weeks and then the American Fork store should open just before Christmas. Yes, there is a lot of hype about what seems to be a silly burger joint, but let me just tell you: you gotta go there and give it a try, it’ll be well worth it!

With Christmas nearing and Thanksgiving at our door and local radio stations switching to all-Christmas Music, we start feeling that tingle! Sure, you can get all caught up in the Wal-Martization of the Season and feel like you’re in a tornado of commercialized greed and stress. Or, you can embrace the Season and all of the feelings and memories that are associated. To that end, KXRT wishes to enhance these feelings and memories by providing a soundtrack for all the gatherings, cleaning, preparations, cooking, parties and even those times you just need to hole-up in your room to escape it all. Currently, we interrupt our music to identify the station or promote our website or voicemail about 4 times an hour. Compared to some FM radio stations who seem to pop in after each song, 4 times is already very light. Starting midnight on the day after Thanksgiving, we will launch our 100% Christmas Music programming. We will cut the 4 interruptions in half, down to 2 per hour! We will discontinue our Sunday show, An Inspired Selection, for the duration of this special. 100% Christmas Music will continue through New Year’s Eve and on January 1st, we will resume our 100% Hits programming for 2010!

To further brighten our presentation, I’m asking you, our listeners, to call up our KXRT Listener Voicemail at 801-788-4916 and leave the world a Holiday Wishes message. When you call, leave your name or your family name and wish everyone or a certain someone a Merry Christmas, Happy New Year or any wish you might have. I will edit them and play them throughout the season! Here’s a simple example of a message: “Hi, from the Marini Family! We’re wishing you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!”.

Let me be honest here… I know to some Christmas Music is old and tired and to some, it’s background music – like wallpaper. But to a lot of us, it’s more than that and really enhances the feelings and memories that we have for the Season. By converting our station like this each year, we sincerely hope that if you are in either of the two latter groups, that you will find some value in setting your computers, laptops or mobile devices to KXRT all Season. We look forward to serving you and your friends and family this Christmas Season! If you have requests, ideas, suggestions, feel free to leave a message on our Listener Voicemail: 801-788-4916 or an email at

All of the information about KXRT is at If you need help listening, go to our site and click How To Listen at the top!

Merry Christmas!


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