Some Updates

Here we are in December! It’s snowing on the blog, it’s snowing outside and the Christmas Spirit is burning brightly!

While life makes things like finances and other stresses easy to really get worked up about, this season offers feelings that can let us move past that during these short few weeks. We need to take these feelings and maximize on them in our families and our homes.

I’m grateful for this great time of the year. Other holidays and birthdays are fine enough, but nothing carries the weight and power to convert your heart and soul, like Christmas.

Some things you can do to help yourselves gain and keep this Spirit: Read Christmas books, a good one that LDS folk would be familiar with is Michael McLean’s The Forgotten Carols. Others like The Polar Express and even the story in the New Testament can be a tradition in your homes. Good music is a must! Plenty of sources should be available to you. Local FM Radio stations should be providing, if not 24/7 music, at least a song or two per hour. Without it sounding like a shameless plug (which it is), my internet radio station, KXRT, is now featuring 24/7 Christmas Music through the entire season and ending on New Year’s Eve at midnight. We don’t play commercials and only break the music twice an hour to ID the station.

Other good ideas to enhance your feelings this season would include decorating your homes, helping others with an act of service. Go rake the leaves in their yard, shovel their driveway. There’s always something someone needs help with. You can also make Christmas Cookies that you and your family decorate and send greeting cards to friends and family. KXRT is offering a service to those who call our Listener Voicemail at (801) 788-4916. You can leave your Christmas Wishes for the world to hear. You’ll leave your greetings on the voicemail, I’ll edit them up and play them on the air throughout the rest of the Season!

I hope you can overlook what sounds like cheap advertising and catch the meaning here. While life can really get you down during this time of year, don’t let it. Try to find your joy and peace in helping others, reading good stories, listening to good music and more.

Merry Christmas!


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