We’re still searching and praying – Susan Powell

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There has still been very little information available about this suspicious and heart-breaking disappearance. Rachel and I have been good friends with Josh and Susan for a number of years. I first met Josh in the College Heights YSA Ward in Tacoma, WA around 1999. We then met and became friends with Susan Cox. Shortly, they began dating. My memory isn’t entirely clear on the passage of time. In Spring of 2001, they were married and we were married in the Fall of that year. They moved to Yakima, WA for a bit and we moved to California. We heard they moved to Utah and that Josh was selling homes. We had the opportunity to move to Utah and we re-connected with them. They offered to let us live with them but it turned out their basement wasn’t finished in time. We began searching for a house and within three months, Josh found us the perfect home and within two weeks, it closed and we moved in! It was incredible. We continued to get together from time to time although the distance from American Fork to West Valley was a bit of a hindrance. We took a road-trip together up to Washington to visit family and in that process due to a lot of factors, we had a falling-out and communication and visits almost ceased completely. Again, my typical male mind can’t track the passage of time or recall dates. The major issues were between Josh and Rachel so I continued to be in some touch with them but over time it was mainly Rachel and me staying in touch with Susan through Facebook. We tried to plan some get-togethers but they would never materialize. It had been a couple weeks since I heard anything from Susan and then to hear about her disappearance early last week was a huge shock.

Our meager efforts thus far have included blogging, posting to the Facebook Group and hanging up these fliers in businesses around American Fork. You can help too, wherever you are. Print the above banner, or save it to a thumb-drive to have it printed at a Kinkos or Office Depot. Take them around your area and politely ask if you can hang the fliers up in their front window or even in their employee lounge or a community board. Most smaller places will allow it. We’ve found major places like Wal-Mart and Target have corporate policies and do not allow posting anything but corporate provided signage. We’ve still found it helpful to ask as some local management will overlook policies for a cause like this and may allow even a short-term posting.

We appreciate all that you can do and again I want to stress if you are outside of Utah, you are still encouraged to help spread the word. She could be hundreds of miles away by now and could very well be outside of the state.

Thank you so much!



Author: Timmy

Radio broadcaster and IT Pro. Livin' and Lovin'! Married to my beautiful wife and have one son.

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