Time Flies…

Here it is almost dead-center of January! It’s like the time has no consideration for anything. You’d think at the beginning of a new year, time would slow down a bit to allow us a little time to reflect and savor the feeling. BUT NO!! Time just floats by same as always, relentless. Just like you’d hope time around a holiday or a birthday or some big event or trip, you’d wish time would relax just a bit. Of course, it does not and we have to run sometimes to keep up.

Days, months and years just tick by like clouds in the sky, like songs on the radio, like the second-hand swipes by on a clock…

Interesting to consider that depending on what’s going on time can really feel like it’s just rocketing past you or slower than the snow and rain erodes a mountain side. I found that most times when time goes too fast is looking back on things. When I served my two-year full-time LDS Mission in Florida I look back at that time as it was just a brief instant. While I was in Florida, there were times that I would just explode waiting for the next hour to go by. I still feel that way at times at work or the dentist!

It’s tough to fathom that Susan Powell has really been missing for more than a month! Looking at it this way just hurts. I think it’s more dramatic though when each day goes by and you wait for an email or a phone call or TXT to come in saying she’s been found and it never comes. This situation has been something that I’ve never personally had any previous exposure to. I don’t know how it’s supposed to go. I’ve seen movies and TV. Rachel’s told me about her childhood friend near San Francisco that went missing. I’ve had immediate family members pass away. I’ve had extended family members pass away. All of these things are enormously painful and emotionally scarring. But there was either very little or no “if” time. These past 5 weeks have been all “if” time. We just don’t know.

I know the Police and other officials are doing all they can and keeping a lot of info private. I know that they do what they can and I have to just trust them to do their best with what they have. It is so hard. Those in the Facebook group have also voiced this in a lot of different ways. Most times, they come across as criticism or doubtfulness. I understand the frustration but it takes a lot of strength to really let down our emotions and really trust in them and in God for the best outcome.

Please keep your faith and prayers coming. I know our Heavenly Father hears every one of them. I know he knows where his beautiful daughter, Susan, is. I know there is a bigger picture that you and I may never understand but if it helps but one person, then His purposes are accomplished.



Author: Timmy

Radio broadcaster and IT Pro. Livin' and Lovin'! Married to my beautiful wife and have one son.

2 thoughts on “Time Flies…”

  1. This is certainly a positive way for dealing with all those unknown and uncomfortable feelings you have been dealing with. Thanks for writing and sharing them with us.

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