Movie Reviews: A few we recently watched

Nights In Rodanthe was a pretty lame movie. With Diane Lane and Richard Gere, you would think it would be pretty good. Having never read the book by Nicholas Sparks, I wasn’t tainted by that typical “the movie’s never good as the book” stigma. I still felt like the movie clipped along too quickly leaving behind a lot of story and, more importantly, character development. I never felt like they fell in love. The emotion wasn’t there. 2 open squiggly brackets out of 5: {{ .

Ghost Rider, starring Nicolas Cage and Eva Mendes was a fun movie to watch but really delved into the darkness of evil. The story was about a boy who made a deal with the Devil to have his dad’s cancer cured in exchange for his soul and to become ol’ Scratch’s bounty hunter. Sure enough, his dad was healed as promised and that same day, died in a motorcycle stunt accident. The story continues when it’s time to play his part to hunt down the beast’s son and kill him. Nicolas Cage’s head turns into a flaming skull and his bike looks like something from an 80’s heavy metal music video. He is successful and when Mephistopheles offers Cage his soul back and to remove the curse of being the Rider, he refuses and vows to use this curse against daddy evil forever more. Effects are cool, story is typical, Eva is hot and Nick gets to use his dramatic finger-point move he likes so much. 4 out of 5: {{{{.

Sherlock Holmes is a fantastic movie! Robert Downey, Jr. and Jude Law play the detective and his faithful pal, Watson, respectively. Following Sherlock on a case to stop a supposedly demonic killer from taking over the world (really, why not?), he uses his incredible sly wit and intuition to piece together an incredible case. Some of my favorite parts in the film are when he thinks his future moves and narrates them. In one fight scene, he’s about to walk away and gets spit upon. He plans out his four or five “moves” to basically take out his opponent in slow motion. Then he proceeds to do it as described in real-time. It’s hard to describe but you have to see it to appreciate it. Also in the movie is cutey Rachel McAdams as the conflict/love/monkey wrench character. She has her own mission and agenda but tries to distract Holmes from his job. The movie is excellent and was worth the three times I watched it in the theaters. 5 out of 5: {{{{{

Avatar is a visually stunning feature! James Cameron, after waiting many years for technology to catch up to his vision, crafted this dizzying display of outstanding effects and virtual worlds and fantastic concepts. Yes, there’s a message about big corporations encroaching on the small of the market just because they can. The concept here is that on the planet Pandora (product placement??), there are these humanoid creatures that are larger and bluer than your typical Earthling. Folks from Earth are in their world trying to mine a ore that is rare and worth lotsa money. In order to seek agreements with them, folks from Earth crawl into these pods that put them in control of these alien creatures that were manufactured to look just like the native beings. Thus, avatars. On Twitter or Facebook, our profile pics are considered avatars, to represent who we are. As it goes one of the guys who is running an avatar, while trying to learn their ways and become accepted into their society, falls in love with one of them. This creates a conflict of interest as he becomes sympathetic to their plight. There’s a lot to explain. My opinion? Go see it while it’s still at the theaters! It will blow your mind! 4 out of 5: {{{{


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