Perhaps I should explain…

Hi, friends! I just wanted to take a quick moment to give you a little insight into what KXRT and the Timmy LIVE! Show are all about. If you’ve known me much at all, you’d know that I have a lot of interest and desire to work in radio. I got the bug way early in my childhood when listening to the DJs spin the hits in the 80’s up in Washington. It was something I wanted to do and as soon as my dad bought me my first dual-deck portable stereo (read: boombox), I was creating my own radio station in my bedroom! As I grew and my interests developed and my ability to drive around improved, I found a small AM radio station nearby. I started hanging out with the DJs there. I started to really see how radio worked. I hung around enough and actually got on the payroll. I started by recording commercials from reel-to-reel tape to their tape cartridges to play on-air. Then I was able to provide fill-in and some basic operating roles. I ran the board for local high school sports games. I was so excited. Then I ended up getting into some trouble as I got caught being on the air after-hours and was let go.

As time went on I was a DJ for church dances for a few years then I got married and reality set in and got a job in IT doing tech support. I never lost my dreams of being on the radio. I looked for every opportunity to get into a station somehow. I knew about internet radio for a little while and was able to arrange a way to have my own station. It went through many changes and evolutions as we moved from WA to CA and finally, to UT. I found I could do a much better job in my current home as the internet service here is incredibly fast and reasonable. Thus, we have KXRT. The call letters do not mean anything. They are just a good sounding combination of letters. I have a spare computer that is running all the software, music and servers to make KXRT run. I have a webpage setup to provide station information and links to listen, it’s I also started a Facebook Fan Page:

I try to mimic what a typical FM music radio station would sound like with a couple exceptions. I don’t play any commercials and there are much fewer interruptions. With FM radio, people scan the dial and can land on a station and not know much else than the number on the dial, like 104.3. So a typical station has to keep identifying itself with jingles and spoken promotions. When you listen to an internet station, you know where you are. You picked it and hit play. I only ID the station every 15 minutes. I also try to keep the music selection fresh and interesting. I’m constantly making adjustments to the playlist and the music selections to keep things from getting stale or tired. I just try to make KXRT a station you can really listen to all day and be entertained. I know it’s a difficult job to make sure you like every song. Most likely, it’s impossible. That’s why I try to mix things up. Country, Rock, Pop, R&B, Alternative – stuff from the 70’s through today. I even added in some Elvis to spice things up a bit!

The Timmy LIVE! Show is the one exception to my goal of having fewer interruptions. It’s a semi-regular feature that has me as the FM music radio-style DJ. I announce songs, take listener calls from 801-788-4916, have a featured artist or group, and have a Top 5 countdown. For two hours, I have my dream job! Entertaining you. I try to plan these shows to happen a couple times a month on Saturday nights. I give plenty of notice to help you set an appointment to be there for the show.

This is a big part of who I am. I take a lot of enjoyment knowing I’m entertaining people. I hope this post has helped you understand my countless posts on Facebook and otherwise about KXRT this and Timmy LIVE! that. It’s me, expressing myself and having a complete blast! If you have any questions, post them here, or ask me.

Thanks for your time!



Author: Timmy

Radio broadcaster and IT Pro. Livin' and Lovin'! Married to my beautiful wife and have one son.

4 thoughts on “Perhaps I should explain…”

  1. One thing that I think would get you a bigger followership is adding a model that’s not live. So, for instance, a weekly podcast or video podcast that can be downloaded an listened to at any time.

  2. Radio has been in a slow, steady decline for a number of years. I long since gave up my dream of ever getting back into radio. While internet radio is enticing, the threat of paying royalties keeps me firmly on the sidelines. Perhaps when I finish my master’s degree, I might give it another go.

    Best of luck with KXRT!

    1. Thanks, Brian. Radio has it’s challenges and with PPM pretty much shoving personality off the docket for most stations, it’s just as well that something more aggressive and personality-driven comes to life elsewhere. I’m not saying I want to hear some pompous, babbling moron yakking on and on between my favorite records (what are records??)… I just like to feel like there is a human involved somewhere. I appreciate your comments!

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