Trip to WA

A couple weeks ago, we were blessed with the opportunity to make a long-awaited trip to my home state of Washington! It had been over 3 years since my last visit and I was severely missing it. All my family is up there as well as many long-time friends and it was so great to reunite. My love for Washington is something that is tough to really put into words. I think that many of you, if not all, know how home feels. Maybe not your current residence, but home – where you’re from.

Shortly after Rachel and I were married, her dear Mother passed away. In an effort to be helpful to her family, we decided to move from Tacoma to Sacramento. This would allow us to be close enough to provide help and support to her sisters and Father. It was with a lot of hesitation and prayer that this decision was made. After about 4 years, we moved to Utah and we’ve now been here just over 4 years. I’ve mentioned that I like Utah much more than I did Sacramento. It held no magic for me. Nothing to grasp onto. I was there to help out family. I got a great job as well that really set me up for the long-term. Utah does have some magic. It has excellent scenery and so much family-oriented activities. I have been much more content with my station in life, here in Utah. But it’s still not home. My homesickness hasn’t been nearly as strong as it was in Sacramento. I was always wanting to leave. Get out of town. Go somewhere else. In Utah, I’ve really enjoyed it for the most part. Utah is not, however, without it’s faults. I don’t want to get into that here and if you know me, you probably know how I feel.

We’ve planned this trip since two years ago. When Chas, my youngest brother, went on his mission, we felt like we should join him for his homecoming. Plans were made, work requested off, money put aside (psh! yeah, right!) and then it was just waiting. Luckily, we were waiting through fun stuff like Disneyland trips, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and such. Then the time came and we set off. We decided that to drive would be tough, but much more affordable than by air. It’s about a 15 hour drive (given many stops). We planned a stop-off in Spokane to see Rachel’s Dad, Pete. He let us sleep at his home and we had breakfast and then headed the rest of the way, about five hours. Joe, my brother, invited us to a nice (aka: FREE!) Valentine’s dinner at his church. We made it in decent time and enjoyed the meal. They invited us to live in their home for the week we were there and were outstanding hosts and very hospitable. Thank you, guys! We brought Lexie, our puppy, with us as a week without her would be tough. My Mother let us keep her at her house for the week. She gets along really well with animals and loves Lexie. Tons of gratitude to my Mom for watching her for us!

Marini & Shumate Families

While there, we joined up with many old friends. It was great to see Mary Mortensen, Brad and Becky Lee, Brian Mackley, Cori Kloepfel, Phil & Josey Schaub, Darleen and Mike Allen, and many many more. It was really a lot of fun and was very memorable. This just made me extra-dedicated to making things happen for us! We were able to visit the Pacific Science Center in Seattle. The kids loved that. The weather was great the whole week. Joe took us up to the mountains to shoot some guns, which was fun, but gave me a couple strange dreams. Chas gave a great talk in church about his mission and how the Lord’s work will push through any obstacles.

It was really good to see Chas and how he’s grown through his experience in Cleveland. He seemed a lot more grown-up and mature. There was a calmness he had that was new. He did a great job and served the Lord well. He’s now pursuing work and looking into further education. I look forward to hearing more good things from him. Mom was really happy to have him home. She’s been living by herself in that big house for two years! Bless her heart!

Thank you all for your friendship and support! It was so good seeing you all!

Rachel, Wyatt and I have spoken from time to time about moving to Washington. Rachel has always expressed her support and desire as well. It looks like we will be moving this Summer. We are beginning preparations with the house. We will have some garage sales between then and now. We have some repairs to make. It looks like the housing market will improve as well. We need your prayers and support to help us make this transition. I’ll keep you posted on things!



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