Recent Happenings…

Hey folks! Happy you’re here. I wanted to catch you up on a few things that’s been happening in our little family. Most recently, Rachel was offered a new job at eBay, the online auction site! It all went down in a very cool way. Rachel was contacted out of the blue with a job posting from a recruiter. On first look, Rachel felt like it was out of her reach as far as the requirements. She told the recruiter she honestly didn’t feel like it was for her. Over the next few days, that recruiter continued to try and get Rachel in for an interview. Rachel finally went in and interviewed, they loved her and said they’d let her know. A week went by and they called saying they gave that job to someone internally but to hold tight as they are working on a new position that she’d be prefect for. At this point, Rachel pretty much dismissed it as they made it sound like it could be any time, a year, a month… so we moved on. Two weeks later, she got the call to come in for another interview for this new position. She nailed the interview and a week later, she had the offer! She’ll be doing statistical analysis and reporting for customer support. Let me just say that the higher salary is going to really help a lot of things in our situation! Congrats, Rachel!

Another event happened recently, my uncle, David Lofquist, passed away. He’d been struggling with his health for the last few years and even with dialysis, he never got totally better. We were honored to be invited to the memorial services. My mom and youngest brother both traveled from Washington to be a part of it as well. It was so nice having them in town. I was asked to be a pall bearer and was very touched to do so. David was in the US Air Force and as such, was able to have the local Disabled American Veterans troop perform a full ceremony including a 21 gun salute and a very emotionally touching rendition of Taps. It was a lovely service and we got to meet and see again many family members.

Wyatt has graduated from T-Ball to Coach-Pitch this year and I’ve been asked again to coach his team. I’m very excited about this as I had such a fun time last year! My main concern is if I can pitch worth a darn. We shall see!

This is pretty much what’s happened and what’s going on at the moment. Thanks for taking a minute to get caught up. I’ll write again soon!



One Reply to “Recent Happenings…”

  1. There’s a lot of things happening at your place! First – Rachel must have made a really good impression to get a job opened just for her! Congrats! And I’m sorry for your loss. It’s sad that first leaves us health.. Congrats to Wyatt too! Timmy, have a nice day! Ana V.

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