Las Vegas Trip 2010

Wyatt, of all people, wanted to visit Las Vegas this year. I put my money on the Lotus scene from Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief as to why he wanted to go so bad. Knowing that Vegas is not really a horribly great place for children, we decided to focus a lot of our time at Circus Circus and did a tour at Hoover Dam. If you’ve not been to LV in some time, Circus Circus has added Adventuredome. It’s a whole add-on building that houses an entire theme park! You can click on the link after reading to see more.

Circus Circus

We arrived in Vegas Saturday afternoon and stayed our first night in a small motel off The Strip to save some money. We were still pretty close to all the action, but it was a lot cheaper and had a swimming pool. We went into town and hit the Midway at Circus Circus. Wyatt played a lot of the games and we watched a cool circus act where a couple of guys juggled each other by their feet. Wyatt won a few prizes and some tickets. It being a holiday weekend, parking was atrocious! That was my least favorite part of the whole trip. It was also about 106 degrees the entire time!

We woke up Sunday morning and drove out east about 30 miles to Hoover Dam. We took the tour and were able to see the power generators and a quick movie on the construction. Check the link above to see more info on Hoover Dam. We headed back to Vegas, packed up and checked out around noon.

Luxor Hotel

We checked in at the Luxor. This was probably one of the best hotels I’ve ever stayed in! It’s the big, black pyramid there between Excalibur (castle-themed hotel) and Mandalay Bay. We got a room up on the 28th floor. Two floors shy of the top! If you’ve not been inside the Luxor, I recommend next time you pass through, you should park and just walk in and take in the breath-taking design and architecture. Ignore all the goofy adult-oriented advertising and just check it out. The elevators travel at a 45 degree angle so it feels like you’re going sideways. So strange.


We headed back over to Circus Circus and Wyatt rode the rides at Adventuredome. He rode the Canyon Blaster, the Inverter, the Slingshot, and Chaos. Click the link above to see all the rides. He was the perfect height and could ride all the rides he wanted.

The trip was good. The Luxor has a great buffet called, appropriately, More. They had deals where you could buy an all-day pass to the Buffet for about $35. We didn’t do it this time but it seemed like a pretty good value.

When we asked him which was better between Disneyland and Vegas, Wyatt hesitated a moment and joked that he wasn’t sure now! He still thinks Disney is the best, worry not.


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