A couple of cool weekends

Flaming Gorge Dam

The end of July is looking to be a lot of fun! Last weekend, we packed up and headed eastward, to Flaming Gorge. We stayed at Firefighter’s Memorial Campground in our tent and had a great time. The weather is probably 5-10 degrees cooler than out here in the city. That made things quite a bit more enjoyable. While we were there, we went river rafting down the Green River. We rented a 5-man raft and started down at the base of Flaming Gorge Dam and followed it through about 7 miles. Along the way a few minor rapids and some incredible canyon scenery! Rebekah joined us and lent her outdoors expertise to enhance our experience. Along the way, we met up with Bill Rodgers and his group. He helped us to avoid the $45 shuttle fee by giving me a lift back from the end of the rafting route. We ended up bumping into them several more times during the weekend. They were a big help and told us some nice places to go check out in the area. We had a really good time and other than the death of my phone in what should have been a water-proof bag, it was a lot of fun.

After a work-week, we were invited to travel up to Washington to take part in the Baptism of my niece, Kelsey Shumate. My older sister, Gina and her family live in Spokane Valley and have asked us to join in this great event. I love any chance to travel up to WA so we’re going! I’m looking very much forward to seeing folks again and getting at least somewhat close to my old homeland. I probably won’t be able to see “my mountain”, Mt. Rainier, but that’s alright… this time… We’ll be driving and taking Lexie along with us. I’m sure she’s excited for another road-trip and another chance to see Grandma! My mom and her are good buddies!

I’ll try to post pictures either here or on Facebook of our trips. I hope you all have a good rest of summer and I’ll write again soon!



2 Replies to “A couple of cool weekends”

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