Trip to Spokane

Reagan, Gwyn & Kelsey

First off, I’d like to give a heart-felt thank you to Pete & Sally and Gina for their hospitality and for inviting us! I was emailed a month or more back from my big sister, Gina, to see if we could join them for their second child, Kelsey’s baptism. Rachel and I discussed it and decided that would be fun and we accepted. Rachel’s dad, Pete, lives up there as well and offered to put us up for the weekend. It was a great weekend!

We were able to arrange the time off and packed up the van with our clothes, supplies and Lexie and left around noon on Friday, the 30th. We take I-15 north to where it meets up with I-90, near Butte, Montana. It’s a pretty lengthy drive and it seemed like every few miles there was a 5 mile stretch of construction. Problem was there wasn’t any actual road work going on! Just blocked off sections of the freeway. A couple of sections where they brought north and southbound together on one side. I think there was one section where the road was actually tore up but still no workers present. They lowered the speed limits from 75 to 35. Otherwise, it was a decent trip. We made it in just over 12 hours.

Saturday, we spent the most part of the day with Pete & Sally. Wyatt’s cousin, Cameron, was around too. They played Wii and rode bikes, which Lexie just LOVED! We had a good breakfast, ran some errands and had a good visit with them. Later, my brother, Chas, came up and we hung out, relaxed and finally met up with my side of the family at a FANTASTIC Mongolian BBQ restaurant called HuHot. If you’ve had Mongolian BBQ, you know what it’s all about. You get a bowl, you walk through the buffet of frozen meats, veggies and myriad of sauces and oils. You compose it to your taste and give it to the grill-masters who pour it out of your bowl onto a large circular flat “grill”. They stir it and flip it until it’s cooked, slap it on a plate and hand it back to you. I really like this style of restaurant and have been to several places. HuHot, however, blows them all away! It is so good and they use quality ingredients and have many suggestions on how to compose a good flavor with their selection of oils and sauces. Plus the grill-guys will even crack an egg over your meal for you. Click on the link above to see if there’s a HuHot near you. We then headed back to Pete’s and slept it off.

We had 9am church with Gina so we got an early start. Gina lives about 15 or so miles south of where Pete and Sally live. It’s a good 20 minute drive. We were able to get it together and make it a little early. After church, we went back to Gina’s place and had a light lunch, hung out for a bit, napped and then had an excellent spaghetti dinner. Wyatt had a blast with his cousins, Reagan (10), Kelsey (8) and Gwyn (3). They have a big backyard with a treehouse and a swing set just like ours! With us, Mom and Chas, Ember and her kids, Gina’s family and her in-laws, we had quite a house-full. It was awesome!

Kelsey turned eight on Sunday, August 1st. In the LDS Church, most children are baptized at age eight. Typically, children’s baptisms are held on a Saturday and their confirmations on the following Sunday, during church services. Due to her birthday being on a Sunday and other scheduling matters, they let her be baptized and confirmed all on a Sunday. The services are very simple. They last usually 45 minutes to an hour. There are songs and some talks given on the subject and then the baptism takes place. The Bishop of the congregation then officially welcomes the person into the Church and to that local congregation, or ward. I was really touched by both of Kelsey’s grandma’s talks. It was a special event for a lot of reasons.

Not to take away from Kelsey’s special day, it was a perfect preview for Wyatt. He’ll be eight in December and will be having this same event for him. I think he really caught on to things and is excited to have his own baptism. Rachel and I saw the glow in his eyes and that the Holy Spirit touched his heart. We’re also looking forward to inviting family to come join us. Keep in touch and we’ll give you all the details.

Again, thanks for all those who helped us out while we were up there! It was one for the memory book! Hopefully we’ll see you all in December!



Author: Timmy

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