The Saga of Lexie – Resolution!

We found our sweet Lexie a new home! She is now keeper of cows and chickens at my Uncle’s farm in Enumclaw, WA. When we decided it was time to find her a new home, we asked several close friends and some family. Most said they couldn’t fit her in with their current situation. I called my Uncle Charlie and asked him, very directly, “Do you want our dog?” The conversation was very simple and I described Lexie and her energetic yet loving nature and he sounded pretty interested. I wasn’t sure how it would end up but had my doubts as the distance and inconvenience was a very real obstacle.

Soon my Uncle’s interest was revealed to be some real excitement as he continued to call me back to suggest ways to get her up there. We discussed flying her up there, meeting halfway, Charlie’s friend who drives a truck and other options. It turns out that my Aunt, who lives here, in Utah, not Charlie’s wife, was very near to passing away from a horrible fight with cancer. I heard the news in the middle of the week that she had indeed passed away. On Friday, I get a call from my Uncle that they were in Idaho and would soon be in Utah for the funeral that weekend.

While we were saddened by losing our Aunt Sarah, we were elated that we were going to be able to give Lexie to family members and get her out of our garage so she can be a fun-loving, energetic puppy she should be. We met with them at my Aunt Sarah’s home and found that they had driven their Chevy Aveo! I immediately had visions of Lexie causing a hideous accident. They took most of her supplies and toys we had. They had no room or use for her kennel and we gave our brand new bag of dog food to my cousin who was also there and could use it. Fortunately, they made it back home without incident.

The funeral was pushed back another week and while that was frustrating to Charlie for making a trip, it’s cool that we’ll be able to see them again after a week of having her and find out how she’s done. My Mom went to their farm to see her sweet Lexie and found her playing in the fields with the cows. She looks like she was having a blast.

We’re pretty happy for her now and thankful to our good relatives for taking her. We’re sad and I still expect to see her grin and feel her massive tail whip me when she’s so excited to see me. Whenever we make it up there, Enumclaw will certainly be a priority stop!



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