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That's Me!
That's Me!

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Hi folks! I’ve gone more than a year and a half and other than some of my very personal posts, I’ve neglected to introduce myself. Let me start by saying this page will most likely be very dynamic. I will most likely be adding things and perhaps removing details as we go from here.

I’m Tim. I am 33 years old. To some, that’s pretty old, others say I’m just a kid. I am comfy with my age. When I was 29 turning 30, it was a little more difficult. Now that I’ve jumped over that line, I’m pretty solid. I was married to Rachel, in Oakland, CA in September of 2001. Talk about a convenient reminder! We were spending our honeymoon in Orlando and when we heard about the tragedy of 9-11, we were shocked. We were also dismayed due to the closure of most all the attractions. Now if I can find some nifty way to remember her birthday!!

I met Rachel years before through an online chat called IRC. This reached back even before WWW was thought of. We chatted on the #Mormon and then #LDS channels on the Undernet IRC network. We never met until I returned from my 2 year LDS Mission to Florida, in 1998. You’ll need to ask her how it all went and dates, people, weather, etc… I spent those 2 years in northern Florida, spreading the Gospel to those people who felt the Spirit through our message. It was an incredible experience and so far, has been the pinnacle of my experience in the Mormon (or Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints) Church.

A year or so after we were married, Wyatt was born in Sacramento. We were thrilled to be blessed with such a wonderful child. We’ve been trying since to have more, but in the Lord’s time. Wyatt is now in Kindergarten and loving it! He loves reading. I asked him recently if given the time and choice to do anything, what would he do. He said, “Read.” I was totally shocked! I prompted him further by suggesting other activities like playing, watching TV, watching a movie, going to visit his Aunties… He looked right at me and said, “Reading is playing.” Wow! This is definitely Rachel’s child.

My father was diagnosed with a brain tumor in June of 2006. He struggled and fought but not even six months later, he passed away in November. His illness and passing was all very sudden. It struck me to the very core. I had lived away for about 5 years and I think I was blessed with maybe it not being such a painful experience. If I had lived nearby and had seen him regularly, I think it would have been much more traumatic. We kept in touch by phone pretty regularly. His passing is still a big part of my emotional makeup. I am not depressed or in denial about it. Knowing of the celestial bonds of family, I am strengthened by this.

I work in the Technical Support field. I pretty much sit at my desk and help people out with their computer problems. It’s a decent gig. I started in the industry in September of 2003. More than 5 years into it, I need to make a shift. In a couple of the jobs I held I was able to hold a leadership role and was even a team supervisor. This experience has lead me to know where I need to focus. I enjoy management. I feel like I have a lot of natural abilities. My personality is that of a good leader. I am outgoing and can even sometimes be remotely funny. Before Tech support, I worked in retail. Forever. Eight or nine years at an office supply store is plenty. I even tried one Holiday season to work there part time, but all it did was bring rushing back all the things I hated about retail. It really showed me that I had truly moved past that phase in my professional life. Don’t get me wrong, I learned a lot and I loved working with customers. This is why I do phone support. I like people. I like making them happy.

When I was single and after my mission, I DJ’d Church Young Adult dances. I love music and I really love playing it for others to enjoy. It was a great opportunity. I wasn’t paid but was sought after. When most DJs were doing their fancy beat-matching and their 3 hour long Techno mixes, I was playing Tootsie Roll, the Electric Slide and Achy Breaky Heart! I was loving it and so were the young adults! Other groups were requesting my skills to entertain at their various locations up in the Puget Sound region, where I grew up.

I love Washington. It’s beautiful and perfect weather-wise. It does rain a bit, but I grew up on the stuff. I love it and miss it dearly when I can’t get up there. It’s now been since my Dad’s funeral in 2006 since I’ve been up there. Yes, I’ve seen my Mom and brother since then as they’ve come up to drop Chas off at the MTC for his mission training. But that doesn’t replace the wonder that is Washington. We moved to Sacramento shortly after Rachel’s Mother passed away. We wanted to be closer to her family. She had left a great job there to live with me in WA. I could just transfer my job down there. I wouldn’t have been able to get my incredible job at Intel if we hadn’t moved there. Otherwise, the weather and the location just never did it for me and I was aching for home. Intel had an opportunity to transfer to Utah. I snapped that up and we moved.

Utah was a huge improvement, weather-wise, over Sacramento. There actually is weather here. I had some family here, though not incredibly familiar. Rachel’s sisters were living here and her Grandmother. From December of 2005 when we moved to Utah, I worked at Intel through July of 2007, when they laid me off. I was able to travel for five weeks to Costa Rica to help train our replacements. It was an unforgettable experience! I hated the reason I was there, but I loved the place, the people and the activities. I still keep in touch with a few of the people I trained and worked with. If you get the chance, Costa Rica would be a wonderful travel destination. So much to look at and to experience. It’s just beautiful.

This is getting lengthy so I will pinch it off here. As mentioned earlier, I will most likely edit and add to this as we go.

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3 Replies to “About Timmy”

  1. Holy Cow! I somehow made it to this page on the internet via Twitter. I was searching my name “Beka” and came up with Bekascorner. I thought that was a cute name and so I looked at her listed website. Anyway, long story short, I saw the name Tim (which is my brother’s name) and curiosity got me when I saw the name Rachel and that is my sister’s name. Now, all than needs to be mentioned is a Rakell, and I will definitely be freaking out.

    Anyway, The reason I was commenting is because, my husband and I also met on the IRC back in 1995. We were married in 1996 and have been blissfully happy since then.

    We were also on #LDS and #mormon. His nick was Freesprt. I can’t recall mine.

    I just thought that was hilarious…the more I read on this blog thing, the more I was freaking out.

    You don’t have to message back or anything, but, I just wanted to associate with someone that has so many similarities.

    BTW, my hubby and I are LDS too. We lived in SLC for 7 years during undergrad and Law school at the University of Utah. We now are out in Missouri. But, eventually we would like to get back to the mountains!!!!

    Have a good Sabbath.

    bekamac on twitter

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