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Welcome to the Marini Family: Blog!

Thanks for joining us! I’m very pleased with the performance and features of WordPress! I had originally hosted a WordPress blog on our servers and while that gave me more creative freedom on the design and ultimately more control over the blog, having it hosted professionally and having it more available is much better. There are some things I want to explain about how I have the blog designed. Understand that I reserve and will exercise the right to change things here.

Let’s begin at the top! This picture is of Mt. Rainier, in Washington. Just below that are five links (tabs); Home, to get to the main Blog page; About the Blog, this page; About Timmy, info about the author; Family, info and pictures; and Thanks!, a way to say thank you to our troops currently serving. Beneath that are two columns of content and linkage. Obviously, the left column is where all the blog posts sit. The right column goes like this (again, I will most likely adjust these):

  • Search Umm… Let me go find that info for you…
  • Add Us! Use Feedburner and other technology to get email or other notices when I update the blog!
  • Categories I’ve tried to keep certain posts in their own category to allow better topical searching
  • Popular? Indeed! These are the currently most read posts
  • Your Take What are you saying about the posts?
  • Past Posts An archive of posts sorted by month posted
  • Tag Cloud All the rage in the blogosphere. More specific than just a Category. Sized according to how many posts are related
  • Family Pages Linkage to my sites and those of other kin
  • Great Links Other favorite sites
  • Twitter Follow me!
  • Feeds I will feature your blog! Let me know you have one and I will feature it. Currently featuring Rachel’s, KXRT’s and Chas’ Mission blogs
  • Featured At Where we have registered this blog and are featured. Some copyright info as well
  • Tools Basic operational blog stuff
  • Blog Stats Blog hit counter -number of visits

I really hope you enjoy this blog and make it part of your regular web-surfing! If you do, find the Tools section on the right and click Entries RSS. Then use an RSS reader to subscribe. Please leave comments for any post that strikes your interests. Let me know if anything is needing my attention as well.




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