I’m Alive!

Yep! I’m here! I’ve really spent a lot of my creative energy and juices on America’s Country. I have a goal to blog at least once a week month starting in March…. Stay tuned!


We are turning THREE!!

This just sneaked up on me! We are turning three years old this month!  Our first post was May 15th and was titled, appropriately, New Blog! Since then there have been 321 posts. Here’s a quick look at some numbers.

For 2007, we totaled 2,015 visits. In 2008, we grew to 13,713 and last year, we exploded to 31,539 views!! That is incredible growth! I’ll leave it to you math geniuses out there to post the percentages for me. Other notables include our busiest month was December of 2009 with 3,923 visits, our most read post is A quick entry… Alison Krauss at 9,493 views, followed by In-N-Out Burger coming to Northern Utah! with 5,293 visits. The most searched for terms that brought people to this blog were alison krauss, with 6,565 views, followed by disneyland with 1,546. Our best referer that brought folks in was www.marinifamily.org followed by my wife’s blog rmarini.wordpress.com.

Thank you all for your support and constant readership! Here’s to another 3 big years!


Test post from Droid.

Hi there this is a test posting from my Droid mobile!!

Family Page Updates

UPDATE: All the new pages are in place. I’m waiting on a few more details from folks who know who they are. Thanks for your continued support and feedback!

I’ve begun to update the Family page. It used to point to my home server with some very brief info and a few pictures. I brought those here under WordPress and have added a lot of pictures. I started with my side of the family and will be bringing the Yorke side up to speed here shortly. I will also be adding information (not people) as we proceed. I would appreciate any additions or corrections as you look through them as they are.

Thank you!


Quick Survey – Favorite Day

Use the Comments section for your added input or reasoning!


New Halloween Theme!

Just a quick note to announce our new Halloween theme! ‘Tis that time of year where things get fun! Look for more themes as the rest of 2009 proceeds!


Post and comment ratings!

WordPress recently added a ratings function to posts and comments. I’ve enabled this but you have to have clicked on a direct link to a post. They will not show on the front page. I requested they add it to the front pages. So go through and give my posts and your commentary an appropriate rating!