America’s Country goes 100% Christmas!

Yes! Beginning the day after Thanksgiving, November 25th, America’s Country will go 100% Christmas Music! Commercial-free and only 2 interruptions per hour to ID the station. We’ll present an enormous variety of music from the great classics from Bing and Burl to oddities from all sorts of genres. The music will span from Nov. 25th through Dec. 31st. With all this great music and no commercials, why you want to listen to those FM stations?

If you need any help setting up our stream to play in your home or at your office/store, please email me: and I can give you some tips.

If you are a musical person and have some Christmas music recorded, I will consider any submissions! Please send a link or an attachment with a high quality (192 kb/s or better) MP3 or a WAV file to

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

America’s Country – Listen NOW!



In-N-Out and Christmas Music

Orem, UT In-N-Out
In-N-Out, Orem, UT

Hi, folks! I MUST report on  my visit to the opening night of In-N-Out Burger in Orem, Utah. Lines! That’s what I was dreading most but when I got there, last night around 6:30, it looked long but I moved through pretty quickly. I met up with some friends who had been in line and when I found out that Rachel wasn’t going to be able to make it in time for us to eat together, I had to get out of line and head to the end. That second move through the queue took about 25 minutes! Rachel arrived just in time for us to order and our friends were just getting finished so we sat at their table. I ordered a Double-Double with no onion or tomato. Rachel a hamburger with onion and no tomato. Wyatt a plain burger with just spread. We had two drinks and two orders of fries. Everything was great! “That is a TASTY cheeseburger!” Though not exactly a Big Kahuna, this is in the upper echelon of the burger kingdom! Both the Orem and the Draper locations opened yesterday and by 7pm, the guy at the door said they both had combined sales of over 8,000 burgers! The West Jordan location should open in a couple weeks and then the American Fork store should open just before Christmas. Yes, there is a lot of hype about what seems to be a silly burger joint, but let me just tell you: you gotta go there and give it a try, it’ll be well worth it! Continue reading “In-N-Out and Christmas Music”

Shameless Plug – The New KXRT

I’ve mentioned this a lot and since it’s my blog, I wanted to mention it again. Plus, I wanted to promote the upcoming 24/7 Christmas Music Extravaganza that is coming very soon to The New KXRT. Each Christmas Season, we change the music library from the best hits of the past 30 years to the best Christmas Music – Ever!

Starting midnight on the day after Thanksgiving, you will start hearing your favorite Christmas Music! Not only will you hear those tradtional favorites from Celine Dion, Amy Grant, Josh Groban, Garth Brooks and more, but you will also hear some lesser-known artists singing some favorites and their original songs. We have some local artists from Utah and Washington States. We have some classical performances that you normally wouldn’t hear on “your official Christmas blah blah blah” radio stations. And, as always, its commerical free and has minimal interruptions.

I am excited, as I am each year, to bring this music to your computers. You can feel safe leaving it on around the kids and in your office. Tell your friends, family and co-workers. Starting Friday, November 28th at midnight. The 24/7 Christmas Music Extravaganza!

How can you listen? You need a couple things. First, go get a free music player called Winamp. Install that in your Windows PC and you can listen immediately. Second, you need an internet connection. (maybe that should be reversed… oh well) If you run something other than Windows, there might be something we can do. Let me know.

To play the station, point your browser to and on that page there are several Listen Live links. One on top and one on the right hand column. Click that and it should prompt you to open or save, click open and Winamp should start playing the station within seconds. If you run into trouble, let me know right away!

I hope you take some time to check us out! The station is currently playing the best Country, Pop, Rock and R&B from the past 30 years. Feel free to tune in starting today!

Thank you and Happy Holidays!


New Poll! Christmas Music

I’ve just posted this month’s Poll! When should Christmas Music start? You’ll find it HERE or up there, where it says Poll!(new).

Vote Early! Vote… once!