KXRT Radio – Are YOU Listening?

Folks, I know this is just self-serving, shameless promotion. I know. So, what?

You may know that I am an owner and operator of a full-service 24 hour internet radio station. KXRT is one of my passions and if you ask my wife or son, they might use stronger language. I love all things radio and am always looking for the next opportunity to get involved. In the mid-90’s I got a teenager’s dream of working part-time at a real radio station. Sure, the station was a joke and had no direction and died shortly. But I LOVED every minute of it! Being behind that microphone and not knowing how many people might hear my voice was completely intoxicating. Soon, I was faced with reality when I had to actually make some money. Since then, it’s been a dream. I can now realize this dream from my house and have complete control over how it’s done.

KXRT means nothing as far as an acronym or abbreviation. I just put the letters together in my mind and they sounded exciting and dynamic. At the time, I did an internet search to find out if there already was a KXRT, I couldn’t find any. That was that, KXRT was born. Previously, I’ve used other names but they were temporary and pretty weak, really. I set about getting things started. I created a website, a Facebook Page, getting a radio buddy of mine to make some station IDs and promos, and tons of other stuff. The first computer that ran KXRT was a Pentium 3, 1ghz with 256mb ram and a 30gb drive. Through time, we went to a Pentium 4 1.8ghz with 512mb ram, a P4 2.6ghz with 512mb ram, a P4 2.8ghz (with hyperthreading!) with 768mb ram, and is now on a Pentium D 2.8ghz server with 4gb Ram and 500gb drive!

For most of its life, KXRT was running along with the risk of getting fined for playing music that isn’t covered by royalties and other fees. Last month, we finally licensed it and now is totally covered! The fact that it wasn’t totally covered kept me from really promoting it. Now I’m beginning to work on setting up promotional partnerships with small businesses. I’m not really focused on making money at this point. What I’d like to accomplish is having these partnerships benefit both parties. I can gain listeners by offering incentives and the business gets people in their doors and name exposure. If you would be interested in being a promotional partner, email me at advertise@kxrtonline.com.

Recently, we’ve added a new themed music day, Nuclear 90’s. It features all the pop, rock, hip-hop and grunge from the decade that brought us dot coms and Lewinsky’s! As always, commercial-free and NO REPEATS! We hope you enjoy!



Happy 2nd Birthday to US!!

Happy 2nd Birthday!
Happy 2nd Birthday!

May 15th, 2007 was the day we re-launched Marini Family: Blog. We had previously been hosting our own WordPress Blog when the server crashed. We tried to import the posts and we couldn’t recover them. So started our new WordPress.com hosted blog.

WordPress.com has been an incredible resource and in spite of some of it’s limitations, it has provided outstanding stability and speed. We will eventually host our own blog at some point, but it will always be a WordPress Blog.

As we did on our last birthday, here are some interesting statistics from the past year as well as an overall summary. Remember, these don’t include my own visits!

Total Visits from May 2007 through today: 20,722

Average Visits per day in the same period: 57.5

Average Visits per day in 2007: 9 (May-Dec)

Average Visits per day in 2008: 37 (Jan-Dec)

Average Visits per day in 2009: 64 (Jan-May)

Most Visits in a month: September 2008: 2,555 (in this period as well as overall)

Busiest Day: September 5th, 2008: 279

Total Visits 2007: 2,015 (May-Dec)

Total Visits 2008: 13,713 (Jan-Dec)

Total Visits 2009: 8,328 (Jan-May)

Total Visits: 24,038 (May 07 – May 09)

Total Posts: 258

Total Comments: 378

Categories: 7 (Marini Family: Main, Movie Reviews, Timmy’s Take, Webmaster’s Blog, Wyatt’s Playground)

Tags: 739

Thank you all for your readership and support! This has been a labor of love for me and I’ve gained so much in this brief span of time. Thank you all for your comments and for sharing your thoughts. Please continue this and I will continue to entertain and inform you! Keep sending your friends and family to get them involved too!



(Note: I collected and tallied these figures on 5/11, there may be some slight variations but you should still get a sufficient picture)

2008 In Review – Blog

While there is way to much to mention about our lives in the past year, let’s review 2008 concerning this blog! Here are some basic stats. These are current as of today so they include 6 days of 2009. Thanks for a great year! 2009 will be even better!

Total views: 15,845

Busiest day: 279 — Friday, September 5, 2008

Posts: 220

Comments: 316

Categories: 6

Tags: 603

Top 5 Posts of the last year:

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Happy Independence Day! 449
Kirby Heyborne Beer Ad 398
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Top 5 Refering Sites:

marinifamily.org 837
wordpress.com/tag/castleland-academy 145
shalysec.blogspot.com 83
wordpress.com/tag/testim 76
bloglines.com/myblogs_display?sub=697… 73

Top 5 Links Clicked:

rmarini.wordpress.com 115
newyorke.org 52
freewebs.com/castlelandacademy 46
minimariescorner.blogspot.com 34
shucrew.blogspot.com 33