America’s Country goes 100% Christmas!

Yes! Beginning the day after Thanksgiving, November 25th, America’s Country will go 100% Christmas Music! Commercial-free and only 2 interruptions per hour to ID the station. We’ll present an enormous variety of music from the great classics from Bing and Burl to oddities from all sorts of genres. The music will span from Nov. 25th through Dec. 31st. With all this great music and no commercials, why you want to listen to those FM stations?

If you need any help setting up our stream to play in your home or at your office/store, please email me: and I can give you some tips.

If you are a musical person and have some Christmas music recorded, I will consider any submissions! Please send a link or an attachment with a high quality (192 kb/s or better) MP3 or a WAV file to

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

America’s Country – Listen NOW!



The Saga of Lexie

A bit more than a year ago we watched “Marley & Me” as a family.  After seeing the movie and drying our tears, we decided that it was time for us to get a dog. We had other reasons. One big reason was that Wyatt was deathly afraid of dogs of any size. He would run screaming and freak out for even the smallest of cute puppies. Another reason was that I grew up with pets. Be it goldfish, cats, dogs or even chickens, we always had pets. I didn’t grow up on a farm mind you. My mom is just an animal lover. I have two people in my immediate family that are horribly allergic to cats and that was proven the one time we had a kitten for about a week. Within that short span of time, Wyatt and Rachel both were having asthma attacks, pink eye and you name it! We were able to find a good owner for the kitty but I was let down. Continue reading “The Saga of Lexie”

Trip to Spokane

Reagan, Gwyn & Kelsey

First off, I’d like to give a heart-felt thank you to Pete & Sally and Gina for their hospitality and for inviting us! I was emailed a month or more back from my big sister, Gina, to see if we could join them for their second child, Kelsey’s baptism. Rachel and I discussed it and decided that would be fun and we accepted. Rachel’s dad, Pete, lives up there as well and offered to put us up for the weekend. It was a great weekend!

We were able to arrange the time off and packed up the van with our clothes, supplies and Lexie and left around noon on Friday, the 30th. We take I-15 north to where it meets up with I-90, near Butte, Montana. It’s a pretty lengthy drive and it seemed like every few miles there was a 5 mile stretch of construction. Problem was there wasn’t any actual road work going on! Just blocked off sections of the freeway. A couple of sections where they brought north and southbound together on one side. I think there was one section where the road was actually tore up but still no workers present. They lowered the speed limits from 75 to 35. Otherwise, it was a decent trip. We made it in just over 12 hours. Continue reading “Trip to Spokane”

A couple of cool weekends

Flaming Gorge Dam

The end of July is looking to be a lot of fun! Last weekend, we packed up and headed eastward, to Flaming Gorge. We stayed at Firefighter’s Memorial Campground in our tent and had a great time. The weather is probably 5-10 degrees cooler than out here in the city. That made things quite a bit more enjoyable. While we were there, we went river rafting down the Green River. We rented a 5-man raft and started down at the base of Flaming Gorge Dam and followed it through about 7 miles. Along the way a few minor rapids and some incredible canyon scenery! Rebekah joined us and lent her outdoors expertise to enhance our experience. Along the way, we met up with Bill Rodgers and his group. He helped us to avoid the $45 shuttle fee by giving me a lift back from the end of the rafting route. We ended up bumping into them several more times during the weekend. They were a big help and told us some nice places to go check out in the area. We had a really good time and other than the death of my phone in what should have been a water-proof bag, it was a lot of fun. Continue reading “A couple of cool weekends”

We remember!

Respect, gratitude, and love to all who serve and those who have! Thank you.