The Saga of Lexie

A bit more than a year ago we watched “Marley & Me” as a family.  After seeing the movie and drying our tears, we decided that it was time for us to get a dog. We had other reasons. One big reason was that Wyatt was deathly afraid of dogs of any size. He would run screaming and freak out for even the smallest of cute puppies. Another reason was that I grew up with pets. Be it goldfish, cats, dogs or even chickens, we always had pets. I didn’t grow up on a farm mind you. My mom is just an animal lover. I have two people in my immediate family that are horribly allergic to cats and that was proven the one time we had a kitten for about a week. Within that short span of time, Wyatt and Rachel both were having asthma attacks, pink eye and you name it! We were able to find a good owner for the kitty but I was let down. Continue reading “The Saga of Lexie”


Marini/Shumate Disneyland 2009

Wow! This trip was one for the books. As posted previously, Mom had this idea to help celebrate her birthday with her whole family at Disneyland. She ended up shelling out some big bucks to get us all out there. We had some help from my sister-in-law, Mary, to get some special discounts as she is a Southern California resident. Gina’s family and Mom got some two day/two park passes to enjoy the whole experience. We decided to spring for an extra day. The weather was perfect! A couple very brief sprinkles but either partly or mostly cloudy with temps around 70 were the order of the day. We also had a cool visit with Adria and her children, Sam and Sarah! It was great to see them again after so much time had passed.

High Score!
High Score!

I kept updating my Facebook account with posts as to what was going on. Click the link to read through them. We took a ton of photos and will be posting them to my Picasa account later this evening. The drive to and from were perfect. Our Civic got upwards of  40 MPG! Granted the way to Disneyland from Utah is mostly downhill, but still, for it not being a hybrid, well done!

If this post sounds a little uneven, I apologize. I should be asleep, not at work but I burned through all my time off. 😦  I will try to endure. I will likely post more as I regain my strength and mental capacity.

I’ve noticed a huge spike in site visits over the past few days! To all those new readers, welcome and thanks for stopping in!


Father & Son Campout

CampingI’m pretty excited, nay – AMPED! for our campout this weekend. Our Church has a yearly Father & Son Campout where we go and have a fun night and do fun activities. We were rained out last year and they canceled it. The year before Wyatt freaked out because he missed his Mommy. I know he’s been a little worried this time around that Mommy would be all alone. We had a little conversation this morning. Rachel said she has like 15 ERs on the DVR to watch and that she would be just fine. Wyatt felt better about that. I am hoping he does ok this time.

These campouts are pretty basic and are scheduled near Mother’s Day to give Moms a little break. They provide breakfast and some projects. We will be leaving after school/work tonight and heading south to have a great memory-building experience. I can’t recall the name of the campgrounds, but I will post them in an update soon. I will also have some pics to share!