America’s Country goes 100% Christmas!

Yes! Beginning the day after Thanksgiving, November 25th, America’s Country will go 100% Christmas Music! Commercial-free and only 2 interruptions per hour to ID the station. We’ll present an enormous variety of music from the great classics from Bing and Burl to oddities from all sorts of genres. The music will span from Nov. 25th through Dec. 31st. With all this great music and no commercials, why you want to listen to those FM stations?

If you need any help setting up our stream to play in your home or at your office/store, please email me: and I can give you some tips.

If you are a musical person and have some Christmas music recorded, I will consider any submissions! Please send a link or an attachment with a high quality (192 kb/s or better) MP3 or a WAV file to

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

America’s Country – Listen NOW!



Internet Radio Updates

Hey friends! If you don’t already know, I operate a small internet radio station. I program the music and produce segments and occasionally pop in to host a live show. I say small because that’s how I like it, that’s what I can afford and it’s just fun! I make no money from it and don’t plan to. This is great because there is no advertising – on-air or otherwise.

KXRT is the name of the station. The call letters don’t mean anything. I just thought they sound good together. It is my understanding that there is a real FM radio station in Chicago called WXRT. I was unaware of this when choosing my name. It shouldn’t matter really. KXRT plays an interesting variety of music. Based on a Country music format, we play mostly songs from the last 15 years and a few classics. We also play some of the greatest rock and pop hits from the late 70’s through today. I am currently running through the catalog of music and cleaning it up and making sure all the music is tagged and organized correctly. As I do this, you will notice more music variety. I also play some songs that were never hits or have never been played on the radio that I think could have been hits.

Internet Radio
Internet Radio

You’ll hear all the hits and even some songs that sound great, but aren’t familiar. I am really excited to grow this station into something enjoyable and entertaining. There are some requirements. For Windows PCs, you will need a free media player called Winamp. For Linux, there is a similar player called XMMS. I am unsure of a Mac compatable player as of now. I am sure there is one that will play the stream. Most other players, Like Windows Media Player, RealAudio and iTunes cannot play my station. This is due to the fact that I stream the station in high efficiency AAC+. I am aware of a plugin that will work with Windows Media Player, but as of yet, the others cannot. I chose this format due to it’s highly efficient transmission. Most MP3 streams that claim CD quality are streaming at least 128kbps. At just 48kbps, AAC+ is technically better-than-CD quality. I don’t know how they can claim that as all my music has come from CDs directly or music download services. But I digress…

I hear that Apple will soon include an AAC+ codec that will play streams like mine and many others. I have started a blog at this LINK. Head over there and start keeping informed. I have also started a Twitter account. it’s at this LINK. Follow us! A Facebook account and perhaps a MySpace account is forthcoming. We will do our best to keep you informed and up to date. Also, we encourage your feedback and help. Let’s grow this together! For more information, head to the blog! Start listening today!