Happy Summer 2011!!

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Garage Sale Updates

June 12th 7am-2pm

Hey folks! I hope you all had a great Memorial Day Weekend!

I just wanted to provide some updated info for our upcoming Garage Sale. Here’s what we have planned:

  • WHEN: Saturday, June 12th from 7am to 2pm
  • WHERE: Our Home in American Fork, UT (see Facebook Event Page for details)
  • WHAT: Great deals on clothing, various electronics, computer equipment, toys and more!
  • HOW: Pay by cash or credit/debit card (purchases over $10)
  • Facebook Event: http://goo.gl/oTG2

We look forward to having you all join us in a couple weeks!


Garage Sale!

We are preparing for our first Garage Sale as a family. We are hoping to have it put together and planned for a weekend in June. We have a lot of stuff in our “storage” that we can really do without and started going through it a bit. There’s a lot of young boy’s clothes, old computer stuff and who knows what else.

We are also going to be talking with the neighbors to see if they are also interested in joining us and we can have a block style sale.

I will be updating and posting on Facebook as we get closer to that time. It should be grand!


Things are going to start moving quickly now!

Summer’s here and just when you’d think things would mellow out, no sir! Here’s what we’ve got coming…

  • Deb’s and Jake’s wedding in Manti
  • We get Lexie, our puppy
  • Camping @ Bear Lake
  • maybe camping elsewhere

OK, so that doesn’t look like a ton, but read between the lines! Most of Rachel’s family are coming for the wedding. We’re hosting many, if not all, activities either at our house or at the chapel up the street. Lots of cleaning and buying food and such to be ready. Lexie is going to be a huge adjustment in lifestyle! We will need to puppy-proof the house, buy food and supplies and a kennel. We’ve built the gate and put a net up over the garden. Camping is lots of fun, once you’re out there doing it. It takes some good prep and work to get ready.

We should have a lot of fun this summer and I’m excited we can share it with a new member of the family, Lexie.