Trip to Spokane

Reagan, Gwyn & Kelsey

First off, I’d like to give a heart-felt thank you to Pete & Sally and Gina for their hospitality and for inviting us! I was emailed a month or more back from my big sister, Gina, to see if we could join them for their second child, Kelsey’s baptism. Rachel and I discussed it and decided that would be fun and we accepted. Rachel’s dad, Pete, lives up there as well and offered to put us up for the weekend. It was a great weekend!

We were able to arrange the time off and packed up the van with our clothes, supplies and Lexie and left around noon on Friday, the 30th. We take I-15 north to where it meets up with I-90, near Butte, Montana. It’s a pretty lengthy drive and it seemed like every few miles there was a 5 mile stretch of construction. Problem was there wasn’t any actual road work going on! Just blocked off sections of the freeway. A couple of sections where they brought north and southbound together on one side. I think there was one section where the road was actually tore up but still no workers present. They lowered the speed limits from 75 to 35. Otherwise, it was a decent trip. We made it in just over 12 hours. Continue reading “Trip to Spokane”


A couple of cool weekends

Flaming Gorge Dam

The end of July is looking to be a lot of fun! Last weekend, we packed up and headed eastward, to Flaming Gorge. We stayed at Firefighter’s Memorial Campground in our tent and had a great time. The weather is probably 5-10 degrees cooler than out here in the city. That made things quite a bit more enjoyable. While we were there, we went river rafting down the Green River. We rented a 5-man raft and started down at the base of Flaming Gorge Dam and followed it through about 7 miles. Along the way a few minor rapids and some incredible canyon scenery! Rebekah joined us and lent her outdoors expertise to enhance our experience. Along the way, we met up with Bill Rodgers and his group. He helped us to avoid the $45 shuttle fee by giving me a lift back from the end of the rafting route. We ended up bumping into them several more times during the weekend. They were a big help and told us some nice places to go check out in the area. We had a really good time and other than the death of my phone in what should have been a water-proof bag, it was a lot of fun. Continue reading “A couple of cool weekends”

Las Vegas Trip 2010

Wyatt, of all people, wanted to visit Las Vegas this year. I put my money on the Lotus scene from Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief as to why he wanted to go so bad. Knowing that Vegas is not really a horribly great place for children, we decided to focus a lot of our time at Circus Circus and did a tour at Hoover Dam. If you’ve not been to LV in some time, Circus Circus has added Adventuredome. It’s a whole add-on building that houses an entire theme park! You can click on the link after reading to see more.

Circus Circus

We arrived in Vegas Saturday afternoon and stayed our first night in a small motel off The Strip to save some money. We were still pretty close to all the action, but it was a lot cheaper and had a swimming pool. We went into town and hit the Midway at Circus Circus. Wyatt played a lot of the games and we watched a cool circus act where a couple of guys juggled each other by their feet. Wyatt won a few prizes and some tickets. It being a holiday weekend, parking was atrocious! That was my least favorite part of the whole trip. It was also about 106 degrees the entire time! Continue reading “Las Vegas Trip 2010”

Trip to WA

A couple weeks ago, we were blessed with the opportunity to make a long-awaited trip to my home state of Washington! It had been over 3 years since my last visit and I was severely missing it. All my family is up there as well as many long-time friends and it was so great to reunite. My love for Washington is something that is tough to really put into words. I think that many of you, if not all, know how home feels. Maybe not your current residence, but home – where you’re from.

Shortly after Rachel and I were married, her dear Mother passed away. In an effort to be helpful to her family, we decided to move from Tacoma to Sacramento. This would allow us to be close enough to provide help and support to her sisters and Father. It was with a lot of hesitation and prayer that this decision was made. After about 4 years, we moved to Utah and we’ve now been here just over 4 years. I’ve mentioned that I like Utah much more than I did Sacramento. It held no magic for me. Nothing to grasp onto. I was there to help out family. I got a great job as well that really set me up for the long-term. Utah does have some magic. It has excellent scenery and so much family-oriented activities. I have been much more content with my station in life, here in Utah. But it’s still not home. My homesickness hasn’t been nearly as strong as it was in Sacramento. I was always wanting to leave. Get out of town. Go somewhere else. In Utah, I’ve really enjoyed it for the most part. Utah is not, however, without it’s faults. I don’t want to get into that here and if you know me, you probably know how I feel. Continue reading “Trip to WA”

Holiday Season 2009… Heeeere weeee go!

It’s nuts! I know I recently posted something like this before Halloween but I’m telling you, time does not give us a break! Finally, it’s snowed a bit here in Utah which has helped usher in the feeling of the Holiday Season. I love the snow, but in my older age, it’s become more of an aesthetically pleasing element. In other words, I like snow… to look at. Now that it involves back-breaking shoveling and finger-freezing, sadly, I’m not such a huge fan. Don’t get me wrong, it won’t take a lot of begging to get me on a sled at the crest of a huge slope of smooth, slick white. I do enjoy the off snowball fight as well. But it could take more urging these days.

Here we are at the cusp of a family birthday, Turkey Day, two more family birthdays, Christmas, yet another family birthday and finally New Year’s. Talk about breaking the bank. Not just our local credit union branch, I’m talking about energy, time, and patience as well. This is probably not the busiest among you all, I’m sure there are more families who are much busier.. my heart goes out to you! Thankfully, my dear Mother will be coming into town the week of Thanksgiving and I’m sure she will be a big help with some of those “banks” I mentioned above. Since Rachel and I have joined Weight Watchers, my request for my Mom’s famous fried chicken may have to be canceled. That is one of my favorite meals from my childhood. No, I haven’t brought this up with her yet, I’m waiting to see how to best approach this… Continue reading “Holiday Season 2009… Heeeere weeee go!”