The Saga of Lexie

A bit more than a year ago we watched “Marley & Me” as a family.  After seeing the movie and drying our tears, we decided that it was time for us to get a dog. We had other reasons. One big reason was that Wyatt was deathly afraid of dogs of any size. He would run screaming and freak out for even the smallest of cute puppies. Another reason was that I grew up with pets. Be it goldfish, cats, dogs or even chickens, we always had pets. I didn’t grow up on a farm mind you. My mom is just an animal lover. I have two people in my immediate family that are horribly allergic to cats and that was proven the one time we had a kitten for about a week. Within that short span of time, Wyatt and Rachel both were having asthma attacks, pink eye and you name it! We were able to find a good owner for the kitty but I was let down. Continue reading “The Saga of Lexie”


Our Dog, Lexie

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We Are Getting A Puppy!

Yellow Lab Pup
Yellow Lab Pup (not ours!)

We have talked on and off for years about getting a family pet. I grew up with cats and a dog and really have a love for them. With Rachel and Wyatt’s allergies, that hasn’t been an option. Back when Wyatt was real little we had a kitten, Marble. We had him for about 3 days. All the puffy eyes and sinus inflammation was too much for both of them. We gave him to someone who I’m sure enjoys him. Since then, our pet situation has consisted of a fish.

We recently saw Marley & Me and through some further discussion with friends, we’ve come to decide that it’s now the right time for us to get a dog. After some research, we’ve decided to be unoriginal and find a Yellow Lab, just like Marley. I’ve never been a fan of small, designer dogs. In my opinion, a dog has to be a dog. At least up to my knees and big enough to wrestle around with. Continue reading “We Are Getting A Puppy!”