New Blog!

This is both happy and crummy all at once. I’m happy and feel more comfortable with this platform. We’re still using WordPress, of course, but it is hosted on a real web server and supported by the folks at WordPress. This has it’s pros and cons. Some pros include much faster response and higher availability. It also has a lot of cool items already built in so there’s no installing of plug ins or other various add-ins. Some cons would be that certain things cannot be changed. I can’t really customize the look and feel of the site too much. I can apply several themes but am not able to drill in and really tweak the settings. Another major con is the fact that I might not be able to restore all the old posts from the other server. I will make every effort to do this but it might not work out.

I also canceled any plans to resurrect the MFO: Forum. The blog provides plenty of space for discussion and people can even become authors and have their own channel here. It all depends on you!

I want to create a new home page that highlights new blog posts as well as current music played on XRT-FM. I have everything laid out I just need to learn how to publish the page. I expect this to be a summer project. Stick with me, you will not be disappointed.

I need to thank David again for his unending support and for the free use of his equipment and bandwidth for these past few years. I could not have done as much if it was based on pay services. Thank you, Dave!

Thanks everyone!



Update on me

Hi everyone. I wish I could tell you all that everything is peachy. With so much either on my plate or looking to jump on it, I have been having a bit of stress. I have historically been able to manage stress by not allowing problems to “pile up” on me by dealing with each item as they come and not put too much emphasis on what I can’t control or what may be in the near or far future. This strategy has kept me quite mellow until recently. Most of you know my list of current matters so I won’t lay them out here. Suffice it to say, there’s been enough for anyone to get somewhat upset about.

I am getting my blood sugar under control! My new diet and meds are really reeling in that high glucose count. My lowest reading was a 120. That is a far cry from the 530 I had back in March. I still have a goal to lose another 50 lbs this year to be at a more healthy weight of around 180. Thank you for your support and faith.

Rachel is still on a roller coaster of health and well-being from her ankle injury back in early February. Continue reading “Update on me”


There was a computer hardware failure and the server that hosts the blog is now out of service. I will attempt to import the posts from that server ASAP. There is no guarantee of a full restoration. I will try my best. Thanks for your patience.